Freedom Pipe Leaks Corruption

Freedom Pipe Leaks Corruption

The Indian civilization has been on this planet for over 3,500 years but today it celebrates its 65th Birthday. The midnight of August 15, 1947 was eventful for every Indian, when India gained independence from the grip of the mighty British.

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The Indian civilization has been on this planet for over 3,500 years but today it celebrates its 65th Birthday. The midnight of August 15, 1947 was eventful for every Indian, when India gained independence from the grip of the mighty British.

Since then, this day is celebrated with pomp and gaiety, across the length and breadth of India. The story of the voyage to Indian Independence is a dramatic one, and like any other good story, filled with interesting characters as well as a great deal of tragedies.

After a lot of blood shedding struggles and sacrifices we attained what we proudly call ‘Freedom’.

Let’s talk about Freedom?

Freedom Pipe Leaks Corruption

It is indeed a very abstruse term to define in any way. Bronislaw Malinowski wrote, “Freedom can be defined as the conditions necessary and sufficient for the formation of a purpose, its translation into effective action through organized cultural instrumentalities, and the full enjoyment of the results of such activity”.

It is true that many criterions must be met to get freedom ascertained. Freedom didn’t come easily for India. We all have studied the Indian Struggle for Freedom and are very well versed with this fact.

Without freedom there cannot be decency and there would not be much worth living for.  But it appears as if we have taken this fact for granted.

We have taken our freedom as a cake or it seems like our tummies could not able to digest the freedom which we got free of cost, even though our freedom fighters have forgo their lives for this free air that we pollute so effortlessly today.

The harsh truth is that most of us don’t even know what freedom is. When in school, we all learnt about freedom of speech and expression. But how free are we to express. In the name of region, religion we are still getting ruled by the politicians.

This present apathy shows how far the degradation of our values has reached, and how low the system has dipped.

Why politics and most of the politicians in India are so corrupt?

Because of the disregard for honesty, righteousness and truth, it was the emanation of political elite who believe in interest-oriented rather than nation-oriented programmes and policies.

This corruption that we see today is not a development that has come overnight.

It has been a continuous process since the past several decades and today it has advanced into the very blood stream of the system.

One would say corruption in India has an ancient birth; it is consecrate by tradition. The author of Arthashastra made some remarks on the government officials of his time which are relevant even today: “Just as it is impossible not to taste the honey or the poison that finds itself at the tip of the tongue, so it is impossible for a government servant not to eat up at least a bit of the king’s revenue.”

The government officials found the post-war conditions perfect for fishing in troubled waters and getting richer. They formed a sort of monstrous circle in which beliefs and true intentions no longer held valid.

The ordinary Indian has reached the highest level of hatred and disappointment at the way things are happening in this country.

The monster of corruption hasn’t spared anyone. We do not mind doing anything as long as we meet our ends.

There was a time when bribe was paid for getting the wrong things done but today the scenario has changed. Now bribes are paid for getting the right things done at the right time.

Corruption has endangered the very existence of this nation. Fight against corruption in itself has become a joke.

A big name is involved in any corruption case, there is a lot of hoo-hah for some time, but then it all dies down with the passage of time and the corruption continues unabated.

How does this happen?

This is very obvious for all those who have to be at the clearing end are bought, so, no damage can ever come to the so called elites.

This is the main reason why there is never any advance in any scam. In this situation it will be a wonder if anything palpable can really be achieved for, the elites cannot be touched, and the lower formations need not be touched – so we remain where we were at the commencement of any case.

The scams which have come to light in last one decade have amounted to multi – crores, they are being dealt with but, it is so astonishing that no politician has yet been punished for drawing off so much of wealth of a poor country.

When the senior cannot be punished how can there be any dusting at the bottom.

Everyone knows who the corrupt are but, the paradox of our system is such that no one can be touched. If this situation remains any longer, it is a wonder if there could be any light at the end of the tunnel.

Recently, all this Anna Hazare episode of fighting the corruption is on the rise. What is the use of just a show of dealing against corruption, while in reality all cases are just quietly postponed banking on the fact that, public memory is very short.

From where do these people get such guts to bluntly make a big fool of the masses?

It’s the acceptance of people towards corruption, complete lack of powerful uproar against corruption. Corruption is India has wings, not wheels.

Independence Day has always been about patriotic songs, hoisting the flag and disturbing tricolored brooches.

The tiranga will be seen everywhere… on vehicles and even lying on the roads and till evening they will be inside dustbins.

Is this how we will define our Freedom and India?

But we hardly have that feeling.

I wonder if I will be lucky enough to be blessed with a TRUE independence day and I will get the chance to write what I really want to read and see.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect’s policy.

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