Go Trekking-Choose health over luxury

Go Trekking-Choose health over luxury

You have 2 options for a better and healthier life(The 1st option is trekking and the 2nd option is at the end of this article)

Go Trekking-Choose health over luxury
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Health is better than wealth.

Trekking is ruling the charts-It has become a passion among Udaipur people.

A healthy lifestyle is being preferred by the people of Udaipur as the pandemic era has made everyone realise that health is obviously superior to wealth. After staying at home for long and working and studying from home, people are thinking of various ways to keep themselves fit. Trekking has become the preference of the people and is now ruling the charts.

From the young to the aged, everyone is choosing trekking as a means towards good health. Experts say that trekking reduces mental stress, controls blood pressure and blood sugar hence keeping a person fit to a good level.

Udaipur has many areas which are good for trekking. The hills at Ubeshwarji, Badi, Chirwa ka Ghata, Kavita, Eklingji route are good trekking points. People of Udaipur are aware of the importance of health and fitness; they are enjoying the idea of trekking even more now. Some people go for trekking once a week whereas some people prefer it on daily basis.

In India the hills at Himachal Pradesh and Laddakh have been well known for trekking. When it comes to Rajasthan, Mount Abu ranks first followed by Kumbhalgarh in Udaipur division. Ranakpur is also one of the famous treks in this aspect. Now that Udaipur is being explored a great deal, it will add to the trekking destinations from view of tourism as well.

Health benefits of trekking

A stress free environment is what everyone wants but blame it on covid, people of all ages are now under stress. Trekking is the best way to release all the stress and regain “the booster dose for life”. How does trekking help us in maintaining physical and mental health? Trekking helps in strengthening elasticity of muscles and tones them. It has also been experienced that trekking is a practical way to gain management skills. It brings out your managerial skills by target setting, team building, adaptability to circumstances, organisational skills and enhances the feelings of determination and perseverance. When you are on a trekking to places unknown, you very obviously learn to deal with the obstacles, learn to love the strange aspects of nature; you adjust with your team mates, and also learn to keep your emotions in control. All these aspects help build up mental strength.

They say that colours of nature always cool your mind. The freshness of air makes you feel vibrant and even a slight rustle of leaves trains your ears towards alertness. Gradually at the end of the day you learn to keep your cool, feel at peace with your inner self, and the best part is that you sleep well.

Trekking also builds up your physical health, boosts your blood circulation, takes away those minor pains that trouble you many a times. Researches also show that trekking helps fight cancer as it increases anti-oxidants in the body. When the anti-oxidants grow higher, they help in fighting infections. And when your body is happy and healthy, more than half the problems are solved.  Trekking does wonders... it is essential for a healthy mind, it works as an anti-depressant.  

 (2nd option is ...read the 1st option again... go for it)

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