Goverdhan Sagar Lake and Garden lacks maintenance and cleanliness

Goverdhan Sagar Lake and Garden lacks maintenance and cleanliness

The location awaits stringent waste management policies

Goverdhan Sagar Lake Garden

Goverdhan Sagar Lake renowned for its tranquility and scenic charm has long been a preferred destination for tourists seeking escape from the urban area of Udaipur. However, recent observations paint a stark picture of neglect and environmental degradation plaguing this natural wonder. The city of Udaipur is renowned worldwide for its lakes and scenic beauty. Lakhs of tourists arrive here every month. Although many tourists roam in the main city, there are other scenic sites a few kilometres away from the city. Goverdhan Sagar Lake is one of such sites. 

Goverdhan Sagar Cleanliness

Goverdhan Sagar Lake, situated just a few kilometers away from the city, have not only breathtaking views but also the serene Goverdhan Sagar Lake Garden, a favourite among locals and visitors alike. But now, it is not as nice as it used to be. There is garbage everywhere, making it look messy and not so pretty. 

Goverdhan Sagar Lake

To make things worse, when evening comes, the garden gets really dark because there aren't enough lights. Sadly, Goverdhan Sagar Lake isn't the only one suffering. Other lakes in the city, like Pichola Lake, Kumhariya Talab, and Rang Sagar, are also struggling with pollution and dirt.

garbage goverdhan sagar

The time has come for concerted efforts to restore and preserve the natural beauty of Udaipur's lakes. From stringent waste management policies to community-led clean-up initiatives, every action counts in safeguarding these precious resources for generations to come. 

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