Is human life under threat? Predictions by Nostradamus are going viral

Is human life under threat? Predictions by Nostradamus are going viral

Where are we heading to? Is human life on Earth going to end soon?
Is human life under threat? Predictions by Nostradamus are going viral

-If predictions by Nostradamus are correct, then yes, human life is soon going to meet a disastrous end.

-Nostradamus had predicted the pandemic for 2020, and we all know what it is. 

-It has also been stated that these are false claims. 

Who doesn’t know about Nostradamus? The name is synonymous with future predictions. He was a French astrologer hailing from the 16th century. Michel de Nostredame...that’s what the actual name is, known for his book Les Prophéties, a collection of 942 poetic quatrains allegedly predicting future events first published in 1555.

The prophecies include outbreak of the plague and even the French Revolution of the 18th century. There is much controversy regarding some of his predictions and people say that only some of them have actually turned out to be true. So if he really did see the future as we are seeing now, cannot be claimed in the true sense.

It has been claimed that Nostradamus predicted the outbreak of corona virus, the pandemic that has taken its toll over the world. But there are also claims stating that he did not actually predict this outbreak. Followed by this, yet another claim is going viral which indicates that human life is going to end on Earth. According to the prediction, a Russian scientist will develop a biological weapon which will destroy human species. Now that sounds scary. But again the point is, should we believe this??

Furthermore, this prophecy states that there will be earthquakes, famines and more pandemics that will claim human lives. There is no doubt that the climate is changing to a great extent, the rise in sea level is also most dramatic. It may also be noted that the world’s 50 percent of the population lives in coastal areas.

One more point is that as per his prophecy, the sun will reach the peak of an 11-years cycle referred to as maximum solar. Theoreticians have rushed to speculate in this direction. Nostradamus also predicted (as per what some articles reveal) the beginning of II world war, the assassination of President Kennedy, Hitler’s ascension, and there are more such events which have been confirmed over the passage of time.

What is going to happen now? People who have been reading about Nostradamus are somewhat taken aback by the fact of the end of the world, especially the humans, and also a spine chilling prediction that soldiers will be transformed into cyborgs.

 We may or may not want to believe what all he predicted, to each his own. We believe in living in the present, so we better follow that. We are alive this moment and this moment is our present, next moment is yet unknown and no one must worry about what tomorrow will bring because no one has seen it. If there is a man who saw tomorrow, then there must be a man who can create a better tomorrow... the future... but we are the creators of our lives and we must live in what the present has in store for us.

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