Challenges with Late Night Food Availability in Udaipur

Challenges with Late Night Food Availability in Udaipur

A vibrant nightlife, specially the availability of functional eateries will benefit the tourism sector in the city and lend support to those who work late hours, are moonlighting or are looking after patients in hospitals.

Udaipur Night Food Market

Despite Udaipur's reputation as a top tourist destination, the city lacks some important facilities, viz. food availability during late-night hours. This issue has come to light following recent findings by Udaipur Times members, highlighting the need for improvement in this sector to better serve the numerous tourists visiting the city all year long. The availability of eateries in the late hours will also be handy for those moonlighting.

Lack of Late-Night Food Options

Key areas such as Udiapol, Delhigate, Sukhadia Circle, Fatehpura, and Fateh Sagar, which cater to high tourist footfall, lack food stalls and eateries at night. Currently, food stalls that operated well into the night are very scarce and are mainly located near the bus station and railway station, away from the main city areas where tourists are concentrated. While the outskirts of Udaipur have dhabas and restaurants catering to late-night drivers, these are inconvenient for city tourists and residents seeking food late at night. As a result, residents and other tourists are left without late-night dining options within the city limits.

Proposed Solution

The Udaipur Municipal Corporation previously announced plans to open night food markets at key locations in the city. However, this project has yet to see the light of the day. Deputy Director of Tourism Department, Shikha Saxena, suggests that designated streets should be allotted for night food markets and fashion markets. She proposes setting up food stalls and renting kiosks that operate late into the night to cater to tourists needs as well as to residents. A large number of IT companies in the IT Park at Madri as well as in business areas such as Hathipol, Panchvati, Sukher to name a few operate on a 24x7 basis. Eateries in their proximity will also be a big help. 

Safety Concerns and Benefits

There are concerns that opening night markets could lead to increased crime. However, Saxena argues that vibrant, well-patrolled night markets could actually reduce crime by ensuring busy, well-lit streets. "When Night will be Live, crime rate will be lower. It will benefit both the tourism of the city and lessen criminal activities," she said.

Proposed Night Food and Fashion Markets

Udaipur has the potential to boost tourism through night markets, similar to fashion streets in other Indian cities. Saxena has proposed specific areas for these markets, including:

  • Handicraft Market:  From UIT Puliya to Fatehpura Chowki.
  • Fashion Market: From Guru Govind Singh School to Rain Basera.
  • Night Food Market: Sukhadia Circle-St Mary’s School to Saheliyon Ki Bari, and Udiapole’s Old Railway Line area, Fatehsagar

These markets could feature handicraft stalls, art exhibitions, and live music, attracting both local and international tourists and enhancing the city's cultural appeal.

"Handicrafts have a strong appeal among both local and international tourists in Udaipur. Visitors are often seen shopping for and wearing traditional Rajasthani clothes, with foreigners frequently wearing Rajasthani attire while exploring the city. Introducing a handicraft market to Udaipur's nightlife would significantly boost tourism." - Deputy Director of Tourism Department, Udaipur.

Late-Night Hospital Visitors 
Tourists arriving late at night by bus or train often find no proper dinner options, forcing them to rely on hotel services, which can be expensive. Similarly, visitors to government hospitals at night face food shortages as no canteen or food facilities are available.

By addressing these issues and implementing the proposed night markets, Udaipur can significantly improve its tourist sector, making the city more welcoming and convenient for visitors at all hours.


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