Leone & Yo Yo: Let’s talk Reasonable, maybe!

Leone & Yo Yo: Let’s talk Reasonable, maybe!

"Why does Bollywood need a pornstar?", one of my friend stated a moot point in a conversation. "Why? What is the problem", I asked.


Leone & Yo Yo: Let’s talk Reasonable, maybe!

“Why does Bollywood need a pornstar?”, one of my friend stated a moot point in a conversation.

“Why? What is the problem”, I asked.

“Because she is a Porn Star. This is not right”, he felt accomplished as he thought he proved a point.

I stepped back from a rather ugly conversation which I knew had no significance neither for us nor even Sunny Leone.

The problem here is not a Porn star but the mindset and cloak of hypocrisy that we wear everyday.

Recently, it was found that ‘Sunny Leone’ was the most searched keyword on Google from India followed by Narendra Modi. *slow clap*

If you are reading this, know who is she and if are in your prime, then I can safely assume that you must have had the opportunity to witness her or her colleagues in an act on the badass internet.

The problem boils down to the question of why we make an issue on petty things? Why did Bollywood had to go to Leone for doing item numbers again and again; because Indian people liked her – we liked her.

If she’d have been a flop in the very first video nobody would’ve hired her again. We, the fabulous hypocrites dance on the tune of ‘Baby Doll’ yet never leave a chance to argue on moral grounds of how she is diminishing the image of women. FTW!

Also, just for the argument’s sake – What are your views on ‘Fevicol Se’, ‘Sheela ki Jawani’ and other such phenomenal dance numbers by leading female actors of Bollywood who had no prior connection to adult film industry?

I’d at least praise Leone for keeping her cool on direct jabs of media/social networks making indirect remarks on her previous career as pornstar every now and then.

She at least made a choice of what she wanted to do in her professional career at what time of her life. What are we doing? Stuck in a boring job that most of us crib about every passing minute of the day?

How many of us download original music, movies or support a potential artists in their struggle? Yet we crib about low standard of music and movies.

Let’s talk our beloved Yo Yo Honey Singh for a change. We all hate him, right? (Well, most of us.) He is a player, his lyrics are demeaning and he is ruining the upcoming generation; I feel your pain.

By the way, have you ever looked into the playlist of your kid or younger siblings? They must be listening to some of the international pop/hip-hop/rock artists, I am sure. Google the lyrics of few songs they listen to.

If the society’s so-called moral police want to jail Honey Singh then I assume they would declare war against nations where Snoop Dogg, Ludacris or Lil Wayne have homes.

There is a simple solution – teach your kids to respect women. Period. You can never be available 24×7 to close your kid’s eye or ear to *protect* them from this harsh, realistic, modernized world.

I listen to Ludacris, some of the Yo Yo songs and even start tapping my feet when I listen to ‘Fevicol Se’ yet I’ve never made a demeaning comment towards any female, participated in eve teasing or have drooled till the floor went slippery while ogling at a short dress on some girl. Why? Because I grew up learning that every individual should be respected irrespective of gender, work, profession and their wardrobe choice.

This whole ramble is not to prove that you should start loving Sunny Leone or Yo Yo. It is about coming out of the stupid hypocrite zone.

Same thing goes for recently released movie PK, various political issues, female infanticide, dowry and 1000 other things.

Having no conclusion to this ancient sickness of us mortals, I’d like to sign off by saying that I hope someday, in near future we shall be discussing movies like Interstellar or things that we can do to bring some real change whilst our smoke/tea break rather then being bunch of hypocrites.

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