Let’s Talk-Down the memory lane: Safe city Udaipur

Let’s Talk-Down the memory lane: Safe city Udaipur

How safe are we now?

Let’s Talk-Down the memory lane: Safe city Udaipur

There was a time when Udaipur city was referred as an extremely safe city. No matter what, people were not scared of moving out alone at night. Those were the days when females were much much safer than they are today.

I still remember when moving out of the house for a lone female was not scary at all. Though family members used to be very protective about them and very often a male member would accompany the ladies of the house. But now, even male members are not safe.

Attacks, murders, kidnapping, sexual assault etc. have become a common factor these days. Every now and then, news regarding any of these factors catches your attention giving you a feel of fear with every breath. Whether it is a man moving out of the house or a woman or any child irrespective of age, constant crime incidents make you shiver.

Accidents have also added to this list. With rash drivers, and/or people rushing to move ahead to reach to their respective destinations, show offs and stunts, bad roads and you name it all and it is there. But safety …no, it is not there.

There was a time when cycles used to be on road, then came scooters but these were easily countable. Now that automobile industry has grown to a great extent (not to mention that vehicles are beautiful, affordable and comfortable), every house as many number of vehicles as members. Number of vehicles even outnumbers members but then life styles have gone high and people need to match statuses. But where is safety guaranteed?

There is no safety left. Even human feelings are not safe and reliable following the run for money. But let us skip human feelings for now and that can be another topic for discussion. Safety? Where has safety gone? It is actually hung by the noose…actually that is what is needed for criminals but our safety … even microscopes won’t help.

Let’s Talk-Down the memory lane: Safe city Udaipur

Not a single day goes by when you don’t read of rapes, dowry cases and related murders or suicides, child abuse, human trafficking, honour killing, kidnapping for ransom or death threats, blackmailing, animosity and mutual disputes resulting in murders…phew!! the list is long. Where are we heading to? There is no safety even in the four walls as you never know who will break in or which impostor is setting traps for you.

You don’t even know if you can trust your neighbours…by the way…do you even know who your neighbour is? A person who leaves at 7 a.m. and gets back by 9 p.m. whose face you might not recognise if he crosses your way.

In the old days, neighbours used to be the biggest well wishers. You could leave your house unlocked during emergency and ask your neighbour to take care of it. Or leave your kids at home and ask the neighbour to look after them or leave the keys of your house with your neighbour to be handed over to your kids or other family members before you left for a movie or shopping. Just everything used to be safe…in fact you never had that feeling of not being safe.

It is all gone. Safety is a word used very often but it doesn’t exist. Even if you stay indoors and feel safe by becoming digital, you know you are not safe even with technology. Accounts hacked, peace hacked, safety hacked…. Think about it.

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