Lockdown effect on innocent street animals

Lockdown effect on innocent street animals

Domestic animals that are dependent on people suffer shortage of food supply
Lockdown effect on innocent street animals

The Covid-19 lockdown  has brought upon some unprecedented changes on Earth. We entered Earth Day 2020 with a much cleaner environment, a healing Ozone layer, and a rise in the number of animals foraying into 'human spaces'. But is this overall a boon for the environment or are there negative aspects we are not noticing?

Humans can not survive without  nature, wildlife and nature are intrinsic and essential to human survival.

The current global pause  in almost every nation around the world will hopefully prove to be an eye-opener for the public and is certainly a strong message to climate change deniers and science skeptics.

Deforestation ,Pollution of rivers and oceans, and torture with animals and there consumption has  resulted in this pandemic without doubt.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, ”domestic animals that are dependent on people suffer shortage of food supply", says Mr . Anirudh choudhary (reputated businessman ) the other section of animals in trouble during the lockdown are the street dogs and stray cattle since they won't be fed .further, he adds on “ Every member of the public can show kindness and compassion by offering some food and water to street animals in their vicinity”.

This is one way of being responsible and compassionate to our mother EARTH.

In  conclusion ,Nationwide lockdown has affected not just human beings but the animals on the streets too who find themselves hungry and destitute in these trying times. However a few animals lovers like Mr. Anirudh choudhary have taken on the task to ease the sufferings of these animals .he went on feeding these innocent street animals everyday in evening ,please join together in this harsh period and serve and save , the mother nature.

Mr.ANIRUDH CHOUDHARY can be contacted on 9461576885

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