Made in India

Made in India

Everything is possible, if you are willing to take the other way around. This road will only end, where you will be giving up else it will

Made in India

Everything is possible, if you are willing to take the other way around. This road will only end, where you will be giving up else it will keep going along with you the way you go.

In today’s India, many things have changed, I may not be the one most suited to observe this change alas I am walking in my 20’s half way through and way to go from here, fingers crossed… but observation is indeed the key to unlock the opened doors, doors leading to wrong destinations and false addresses.

Observation is indeed the best way to learn and teach ourselves without running into people and asking them to deliver the same we are having with us in our insides, lost and long gone.

Cinema has become a monster in the common men’s life that lives on the weekends and that feeds only on the figures particularly in excess of 10 million (100 crore) club, else it doesn’t suit a movie to be designated as a hit. Rotten apples have the buyers, so let the fresh ones to rot and we will multiply later, let’s remake or add a sequel to previous one…

Cricket has become, from the game of emotions to the gem of monetary bets. As long as people have love for this game some pockets and vaults will never run out of money.

Parliament; said by someone it is the worker for the democracy not the master of democracy. But in our surroundings the later half works perfectly and visibly.

Things have changed. Cinema has lost all the healthy meanings with a few exceptions as they are the sign of hidden goods, forget about the Raj and Simran, Prem and Nisha, Aditya and Geet and please obey the Raghu and Gayatri trying to define the desi romance in all utter crude ways; who are giving us the option to pretend the cold feet at the altar and make the least use of our emotions and be the runaway groom or bride and later meet in person to set the things worse than they were before.

And last but not the least we have power to criticize and now days it comes ahead of “the power to vote” which is indirectly the power to eradicate rather. A single vote can make a difference and it will make a count, please vote people. You will see its tad easier than criticizing and feels good, when we press the button and that opens the door.

Grand Mischief’s the new addition in the list, so called 10 million club entry… was it better than Rockstar, or our childhood sweetheart Mr. India or ever refreshing Dil Chahta Hai or the game changer A Wednesday or the laugh riot good old Hera Pheri and Andaz Apna Apna or the tickling Jab We Met or the non sugar and non saccharine Barfi… the answer is no, it was not. But it’s a hit, in what genre and by what measures only the people who have brought the tickets can answer.

And the question of odds let us assume this- if something is manufactured or made it is a work of research, not going on the level of research whether an extensive piece of work or surface works. Movies coming up nowadays have this extremity in them which needs no bridge to connect. Lunch Box arrives when the mischievous is at the peak and the hungry people get their diet not less than a feast and feels good and moved after a sick/unhealthy mischief. An express train arrives at the station and takes the detour to show the reality in a café. The Boss is actually haunting the work place in a jailed home and also on the silver screen and the actual boss (sheanshah) just gets the job done every weekend in the sly and cool way as usual.

To fulfil the needs that are placed above the necessities of food, health, cloth and shelter that builds the outer shell of a good life, corrupt ways are available in a ton here. There is a controversy regarding the name of the movie and its poster for using the name of God, but the self proclaimed God-men (nested in India only) are in the desperate need of female devotees and that too in the name of the God. Wonder sometimes that God might think that he has all the right reasons to file a suit against the human race in context to using his name to curtain their own odds.

And at the end when it all comes down to the wire; cricket, cinema and politics are the ones most talked about and most sorted after things on a weekday. Perhaps online shopping and keen interest in what is happening in others life (neighbourhoods and near cubicles) keeps most of us busy in few seldom spare hours we have. It does keeps many busy and fuel them to see the tomorrow, just to see their predictions going in which direction.

It’s raining all the useless things here, what we are served with clearly shows there are takers and as long as they are picking the pieces up it will be served repeatedly in the name of sequels, in the name of improvements or in the name of remakes.

And what lies between…

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