Manage your Time with Productive Usage

Manage your Time with Productive Usage

most of us suffer from the “no time syndrome”

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Manage your Time with Productive Usage

I am very busy.                                              I don’t have time for this or for that.

Where have I got time.                               Samay hi nahin milta hai (meaning I don’t get time)…

Most of us are used to saying this and also hearing the same from our friends and relatives very often.

Though, there are many among us, who you will find contributing their bit to all the facets of life and equally successful in all the facets.

There’s no such things as Too Busy…

if you really want something, you’ll make time for it…

However most of us suffer from the “no time syndrome”.  Due to this no time syndrome, we keep procrastinating most of the things, which otherwise are very important in our life.  We need to discipline ourselves for proper usage of time. There have been umpteen lectures and articles on the theory called Time Management. You would find number of apps on android and iPhone to help time management. Alternatively for people fond of paper touch and not so tech savvy, manual time management journals, note books are available aplenty . It is not the method which is important it is your determination to manage your activities in time is more important. You have to be willing to keep up to your schedule. You need to develop a determination to follow your time plan.

Small Disciplines repeated every day,

lead to Great Achievements gained slowly over time…

John C Maxwell

Many people buy time management note book, journal or download an app for time management. Entries would be made in these journals/apps but would be generally not followed. For example:

6am    Exercise/Yoga/Walk

7am    Reading a book /article(s) etc.

But when you get up in the morning, the first thing you will do it to find an excuse not to do the exercise/yoga/walk etc. You will somehow convince yourself that for sure you will do it regularly from tomorrow onwards and this will happen very often.

Similarly we need to be disciplined not to indulge and waste time in non-productive activities. We are now in the social media age. Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and such other social media sites have become norm of the day. Students while studying at home or even mostly in their classes or even office goers and housewives all alike hooked to these sites. These sites are good and useful if used properly for communication but excessive usage for unwanted things is a sheer waste of time. Here again we need to apply some restraints as necessary to avoid waste of time and efficient utilization of the same.

We should always remember Time is the only resource in the world which has been equally given to all rich and poor alike; we should all use it most diligently. “Everything at the right time and time for everything” should be objective of life. This will make our life easier.


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