Movie Review: Tanu weds Manu Returns

Movie Review: Tanu weds Manu Returns

One more dart hitting the bulls’ eye. And this time it is very much expected Tanu We


Movie Review: Tanu weds Manu Returns

One more dart hitting the bulls’ eye and this time it is very much expected Tanu Weds Manu Returns… arguably one of the most worthy sequel in the past decade, doing a complete fertile justice to its prequel.

A wild child jumping out of the pram of marriage and once again coming into the ground of life bare feet trying desperately to reclaim lost glory of the years when college is about to end and the puppet show of freedom is about to take a long pause.

Do happily ever after really exist? In ample number of hindi movies we have seen a happy ending and this is one movie which actually shows what lies ahead of so called happy ending. The sourness and bitterness that comes out oozing uncalled and uninvited.

They both separated their ways one chose the old aisle and other one tried to walk through a new one. And at the end it appeared like a cross road. And life gets a simplification again.

A wonderful show of sheer acting by the cast in the movie; one can hardly say who played the supporting one. Even the lead characters might have appeared handicapped if the people around have not performed. A fantastic role played by Pappi Ji (Deepak Dhobriyal) a peach or nectar of acting I have seen in near time. The timing of dialogues has been perfect and bang on time.

You just wait for him to appear on screen and give a clap or a desi whistle. Don’t be shy of this (I am in a multiplex) his act deserves your claps and whistles. Add to it the wonderful act by Awasthi Ji (Jimmy Shergil), simplifying the cement brand math in India.

The ever charming Swara Bhaskar (remember her in Ranjhana, yes we all do) and her dialogue struck the right chord: do sperm count only define a male masculine punch or male characteristic or eligibility to be a male? Think about it.

Jeeshan Mohammad (remember the best friend from Ranjhana; yes we all do) and the silent characters from our country- three of its centre pillars from the wonderful North; the capital New Delhi, the outrageous Haryana and the family centre of urban India Uttar Pradesh. They were talking out loud. We can admire the west we can sit on its back and curse the IQ of our cinema but then a Batman comes in the name of Aanand L. Rai and he puts a full stop to this argument.

The east and the west are rightly separated by the cultural boundaries and we should respect those boundaries rather than trying to erase the blurring thin lines.

And take a bow; Tanu and Manu. Without you this wouldn’t had been possible. The mighty life that you have given to the characters will stay in our memories for longer time. Talking to self (Tanu talking to Dutto) Kangana Ranaut looked vivacious, versatile, vivid, epic, memorable, appealing and connected or any other word you can ink. She just raises herself to a new level; where no other actress has been in the past decade, ahead of being extremely gorgeous and wearing too good clothes.

This girl just mesmerizes you and you can’t help but to watch her act. And sit at the edge of the seat to have one more LOL moment.

Go out and watch it at the earliest. Don’t tease yourself if you are then you’re missing something really good. Have a good hard laugh and if you are married and going through a rough road; take this outing as a revision. Marriage is an ocean and a silent ocean in not an ocean. It has high tides and serenely beautiful calm mornings.

Thank you.

Review written By Kushal Wadhwani

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