Odyssey - Unplanned Experiences | Kaneez

Odyssey - Unplanned Experiences | Kaneez

Odyssey - Unplanned Experiences | Kaneez

The miles of travelling,

To an exotic fate,

Melody rhymes in the air,

Roads of zeal as wheels whirl,

Stormy winds and warmness surround my soul.

Ocean waves high to reach moon,

Salty breezes make my skin rough,

Sands encrust every thought that twirl,

Lightly drifting in the bright blue sky,

Clouds came in silent whispers,

Dark grey blocking the brightest evening,

I sit there wondering incredible questions.

As water droplets touched my face,

A broad smile curved on my lips,

Everyone running from there crises,

But I sit there greeting them,

By unfolding my hands as huge as possible,

And unlatching my spirit for a unique quest.

Winters appears as I travel upwards,

Cold and distant from my past,

I strode without glancing behind,

In probe of something new,

A handful of dramas and suffering,

I began to love the joy of miseries,

I began to love stones covered with snow,

I started to evolve Into who I really am,

Without feeling guilt or shame,

My eyes started to twinkle with all the glees.

I come back home with plenties of memories,

Awful & decent are all about perspectives,

I forfeited my self there,

And found a new version of me,

I me and myself,

Never going to miss old me,

Cause I don't yearn for that me.

The above poem has been penned by Kaneez Fatima Bhalam from Udaipur. Kaneez is pursuing her BSc (Hons) in Home Science from College of Community and Applied Sciences, MPUAT, Udaipur. She has interest in poetry and is an avid reader. She has participated in anthologies, where she has shared a few of her poems, which inclue 'Words of Mansion' and 'A Poet was Born'. 

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