Oh Indra Dev!! Udaipur is still parched and craving

Oh Indra Dev!! Udaipur is still parched and craving

Udaipur needs rains urgently.

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Oh Indra Dev!! Udaipur is still parched and craving

Mother Earth is paying for the blunders committed by her children. With too much of deforestation and factories and technology that radiate and increase heat, monsoon cycles have suffered and draughts and floods are the ultimate effects. Some regions are under the drastic effects of draughts in the absence of rains, some are facing floods as all links, channels and drains are blocked and some are close to getting dry. We humans are responsible for these conditions.

Udaipur city popularly known as the City of Lakes and Venice of East is parched and craving to retain these titles. Udaipurites are praying to Lord Indra to shower that blessing known as rain. Where Mumbai is flooding with water, we are still waiting for monsoon to fill up the lakes and the smaller water bodies that add to the beauty of the city.

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ये मेरा शहर कहीं सिर्फ बातों में ही न बीत जाए…कुछ करो और इतना करो कि ये खूबसूरती में जीत जाए

All eyes go to the sky on cloudy days but in vain. It is good to learn that public is coming up with more and more plantations so as to secure Udaipur in the near future, but oh Indra Dev!! We need rains NOW.

मेघा रे, मेघा रे, मत परदेस जा रे…मेरे शहर पर जम के बरस जा रे

Oh Indra Dev!! Udaipur is still parched and craving

Villages are under the mercy of water tankers, they hardly get drinking water as water bodies have dried up. City dwellers, too, need to rely on water tankers as some areas are getting contaminated water. If it doesn’t rain well enough we might not be able to survive, forget about showing the beauty of our city to others.

Stop deforestation, control pollution from factories, stop cutting up of hills to construct hotels and march ahead to plant as many trees as possible. Mewar region was saved by many attacks because of the hills around but if we destroy these hills, history will not have much to prove for itself. We need plenty of rain to fill up lakes and to provide enough for the years to come.

Gear up people!! Save the city else it will only have lake beds where we cannot even sleep.

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