OMG: Diapers are Crying

OMG: Diapers are Crying

These are not merely stories of brutal rapes. These stories show the crashing values of our society

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OMG: Diapers are Crying
  • Shruti is only 5 years old. She is lying on a hospital bed surrounded by machines. Her pain is immeasurable. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling with no dreams.
  • Arushi went outside to buy onions but never came back. She was 11. 
  • Parul is in coma. Two males raped her so badly that her rectum ripped out.

These are not merely stories of brutal rapes. These stories show the crashing values of our society.

I have written many times on the causes of such heinous crimes but these crimes did not stop. Everyday one or two rape stories with small kids pop up on the screens of our modern tv sets. We scream with pain and fear. Candle marches and protests against such crimes have become routine part of our lives.
Raping a girl may be a pleasure game for rapists but the scars on her body and mind are irreparable.
Diapers are bleeding everywhere with bitten lips and damaged organs.
Are we humans? Its a big question. Are not we equally responsible for this damage?
We repeatedly say that girls are not safe anywhere. We blame others for this damage all the time. We question ourselves that can’t we make our daughters strong mentally and physically?
OMG: Diapers are Crying
This may be right for young girls but what about small children who can’t save themselves. How can a diaper baby fight with a mature male who is ready to harm her with all his might?
Sometimes being strong and courageous is not enough because a small baby can not learn karate at the age of 1. We have not developed any technology yet which can make our new borns physically strong more than males.
Actually we have never taught males not to rape. We are protecting girls not to get raped since ages. Now the voracious face of modern society has been revealed. Mothers have raised beasts in the form of sons who don’t respect women because they have been taught to behave insanely with women in daily lives.
Mothers feel proud when sons abuse their sisters or other girls. Males are treated as Gods in our society. Familes distribute sweets when boys are born but they don’t accept girl children easily.
No matter how far you throw trash , it will return to you some day. Similarly the way you are growing the new generation of males, they will only harm you in future.
The low mentality of few males have been spreading like an epidemic and rape has become a fun game for them.
Pornographic material is easily accessible on internet. It’s like a live bomb that we are holding in our hands. Physical illness can be cured but mental illness can not be realised untill the harm is being done.  I have seen many people who give their opinions on such sick people with confidence that they can never harm anyone. We don’t live with these people 24*7. How can we comment with confidence that they are not culprits?
Survey reports say that the most mentally sick people look simple and sober. Its not that we should see every male with doubt but it is really important to frame our opinion based on facts rather than emotions. May be one person looks harmless from outside but he may be dangerous from inside. There is no parameter to measure his thoughts. Porn sites are visited by all age groups. The latest crime was done by children aged 6 to 12 by watching porn movie on internet.
Its better not to save any male who has been charged in any rape case. Let Police and Law decide their fate. Think about the weeping mothers of rape victims and try to raise your sons who must value girls.
Stop producing human bombs who are finishing our babies.
Diapers are crying with pain and fear. Please come forward to save them.

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