Our Childhood was Exciting...yet Simple

Our Childhood was Exciting...yet Simple

Books, Bags and Bata shoes were our companions...

old school days natraj pencil hmt watch, bata shoes, cassettes doordarshan

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I don’t know much about today, but we were very proud to have Bittoo Stationery in our school days.

Pencil of Natraj and note books and drawing books of Bittoo and text books of NCERT were our favorite companions. Water bottle was an empty bottle available at home. Water filters were alien in those years. Shoes were of BATA. These were enough to complete our school days. Instead of scooters, we were better off coming on Atlas cycles. HMT watch was a status symbol.

Of course the Test Marks depended on how much we were adored by our teachers and how much time we spent in the Staff Room rather than Class Room. 

Getting a full chalk box and signed note-books for teachers was our KRA.  Class Monitor was the one who was closest to the Class Teacher.

Mobiles and online classes were beyond imagination. The TV series Star Trek brought thoughts of wireless communication when Capt James T Kirk communicated with Mr. Spock. It was a fairy tale. Fairies of Dadi Ma had only wings and didn’t speak of 4G. Vikram and Baital gave replies to difficult questions. Chitrahar on Wednesday and Chhayageet on Friday on Doordarshan and Movies during election time were a treat. We needed to rewind and fast forward the entire song on the casette tape recorder, with checks in between whether the earlier or next song had begun.

Our childhood was simple, yet exciting.

old school days natraj pencil hmt watch, bata shoes, cassettes doordarshan

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