Our Democracy got raped again

Our Democracy got raped again

The tragic and unfortunate incident of gang-rape in Delhi and a murder of teenage student in Udaipur have not only shaken me from inside, but also have put a big question mark on this so called 'Democracy'.


Our Democracy got raped againThe tragic and unfortunate incident of gang-rape in Delhi and a murder of teenage student in Udaipur have not only shaken me from inside, but also have put a big question mark on this so called ‘Democracy’.

Crimes like these are in trend now. “You know I robbed a bank; Haha only a Bank, I kicked a man to death; Haha only killed? I raped a girl and killed her!!”

Is this a status symbol now? Get involved in a heinous crime and then our judicial system and law are so lethargic that it will take years and decades for justice!

We have very intelligent lawyers who will keep defending their clients and we have a corrupt system that may help the accused to fly away.

This is a slap on the lawmakers, law keepers and law abiders by these so called cool chaps, who think they can get away with anything they do, just because they have some strong leaders/netas/police to their rescue. And, this is a scene here. If the police and the judiciary actually work well, they will be pressurized from 500 sides.

First some lawyer will come, if that doesn’t work then some IAS/IPS will come in, if it doesn’t work then some MLA/MP/Minister will come in, if that also does not work the some caste based groups will come in and finally if nothing happens then Human Rights will definitely come to the rescue of the accused, because only he has all the human rights, those who are raped and killed and murdered are not humans!

Mahatama Gandhi once said, “Hate the crime, not the criminal”. After these 2 incidents, if Ganghi ji was alive he would have taken his words back.

Please try and understand how it is possible? Can we hate rape and not the rapist? These 2 are not different from each other, at least in such heinous crimes. We should not only hate such criminals, but teach them such a lesson to the once and for all, that from the next time if someone even thinks of a rape, he must get a heart attack first, thinking of the consequences.

But how did our lawmakers respond to this incident?

Leader of the ruling party said, “I will make sure that this incident doesn’t remain a mere statistic”! What the crap? Were all incidents of rape before this one a statistical data? And if yes, then why did you not get up then and prevented this one from happening?

Opposition got another point to disrupt the proceedings of the parliament! And among those very MP’s there were MPs who said, “We feel so helpless sitting here that we cannot do anything about it”, then who can?

Let’s bring in the Delhi CM, who herself is a woman. Shouldn’t she resign by now on moral grounds, on ground that she cannot keep the law and order maintained in her state, on ground that she has failed time and again in protecting the citizens of her state from crime? If this is the case of the national capital, forget a reasonable law and order condition in rest of the country.

And what is the police doing? The netas in Delhi have kept police busy buying breads for their houses and buying film tickets for their kids! The rich of Delhi have kept them busy by keeping the police as their status symbol and who is suffering?

We need people with good intentions and powerful will to administer us, may it be the netas, the police, the IAS or anyone and a different style of upbringing. There is a big flaw in Indian style of upbringing kids that’s why rapists and murderers are created.

The lady of the house must be so powerful and knowledgeable that every son born in this country should be taught how to behave. Either we need an open society or a dictator who knows how to crush the ‘criminal’ so that crime disappears, at least such heinous ones.

So better than politicizing, it is important for politicians to behave in a mature manner and realize that ‘don’t keep frustrating the people’, else when the foreigners tried they could not get into the Parliament but if someday an Indian’s head will go bizarre, he or SHE will and set right the system.

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