Over speeding and drunken driving claims lives daily

Over speeding and drunken driving claims lives daily

Live your life, don't push yourself to an unwanted destination.

Over speeding and drunken driving claims lives daily

It is a well known fact that over speeding is not a great act, neither is drunken driving. But people still ignore the fact that reaching 5 minutes late will not snatch an award. Similarly drunken driving has its own risk with it. It can take your life and that of others or you might end up in jail for long.

People feel smart while driving in speed. They wish to attract attention or they wish to be ahead of everyone or both. What they don’t think about is that over speeding brings no benefits with it. They don’t actually reach anywhere ahead of time but they might actually reach where they never thought of reaching…before time.

Why do people still hit the throttle when they can still reach their destinations almost on time subject to traffic on road?? When you are already late for a particular event or meeting, can over speeding land you there on the prescribed time? No, it won’t.

Drunken driving is yet another point which needs a deep thought. Your senses are not normal when you are drunk (over drunk to be very precise). Consuming liquor has become a fashion symbol, a status symbol. It is shocking that school students consume liquor and their parents are not even aware of the fact. After this, they drive in style to grab attention and the very obvious thing happens. They lose control and boom goes the expensive bike, bringing out tears from the eyes of loved ones very often.

If over speeding and consuming liquor before and while driving makes anyone look attractive, then we need to give it a second thought. There is difference is reel life and real life. Attractions last for a while only, and then you start realising that you lost a lot while trying to grab the fleeting moments. Youth today need to understand that they have a long life ahead of them which is a gift from the supreme power. You are born as a human after a long span of time and you must enjoy sensibly.

Driving in speed is not the ultimate goal, reaching safely is. Fashion doesn’t come with drinking, it comes with staying in control. It is not just the youth who are committing the blunders, there are other grownups, too. The question is “How far can you go with these blunders?” And the answer is, “No one can get you back from that distance…that far!!”

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