Pandemic Effect on Children and Possible Ways of Dealing With Them

Pandemic Effect on Children and Possible Ways of Dealing With Them

The pandemic era has pushed a lot of children into depression.
pandemic effect
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Be sympathetic towards your child.

He needs company and is bored of being caged in the house during the lockdown.

When children are happy, they spread happiness around. No parents can see their children in a bad mood. In the pandemic era, every house has the same story and that is about the killing silence that has prevailed among the children.

A child’s silence cannot be hushed away with any kind of excuse, especially in the times that we are living in. It has been observed that maximum children have either become silent or their behaviours have changed. The attitudes of children are a matter of concern and need to be dealt with very sensibly.

As per doctors, the children need more of attention and involvement of the family. It has been brought to notice by many parents that children are either not getting proper sleep or sleeping too much. Most of the children look very lethargic and have also lost interest in the day to day activities. They are reporting of feelings of fatigue among children.

The symptoms of children are being described as depression by some of the child specialists. This is mainly because when these children between the age of 13 and 18 must involve in a lot physical activities such as outdoor games and other fun activities with friends, they are forced to stay indoors because of the pandemic. As a result, they have either found company in their gadgets or behave erratically when asked to stay away from laptops and mobiles.

It has also been observed that children have either lost their appetite or they are moving towards gluttony. All this is happening as a result of staying inside the house during the lockdown. One of the doctors informed that he has been tending to such children since days and within the first half of this week itself, parents of more than 15 children approached him with the similar issues.

What we need to do now is tackle the children in such a manner that they come out of this depressive state of mind. Parents must take out more time for their kids, involve the kids in various activities which can be light household work, for eg. dusting, cleaning of vehicles, watering the plants and the likes. Parents also need to spend more time with the kids, get to know what a child is feeling exactly.

Move out with the child every morning or evening for walk as this will gradually create energy in the child’s body making him feel active. If the child is complaining of insomnia make him read a book at bed time. The best thing is that a child is likely to gradually develop the habit of reading which can prove to be beneficial for him/her in the long run. Book reading tends to make you fall asleep much faster than anything else. A child must be kept away from all other gadgets especially at bed time.

Involve in playing badminton, or running or any other indoor game that your child loves and keep him mentally and physically active. Make your child understand the advantage of lockdown stating how it has brought the entire family together. Give all the positive sides of being at home. Children who are foodies can also be taught to cook their favourite dishes and the importance of knowing how to cook can be explained.

It’s just that children are feeling lonely in the absence of their school friends. Since it is not possible to bring all the friends together, something can be planned after having a word with the other parents as well. A child needs company wherein he can have fun, discuss a variety of things and enjoy in his own way with friends around, but the pandemic has restricted us all.

We, as parents, must keep our children occupied by playing around with them just the way they like, at least once in a while. The mental state that the children are in today is scary and a child’s silence must not be brushed away lightly. He needs to be tackled smartly. Of course, a specialist must be consulted once but the basic part is that every child needs to be understood well and not rebuked for attitude.  

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