Few words of caution-Places to be avoided during the pandemic era

Few words of caution-Places to be avoided during the pandemic era

Some places have been listed as very risky as most people catch corona virus from here.
Few words of caution-Places to be avoided during the pandemic era
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-Covid infection from be caught anyhwere but there are some places which are the riskiest ones.

-It is advisable that people avoid these places as caution is the need of the hour.

We all know that the fast spreading pandemic is swallowing lives, making people weak, has almost imprisoned us and there may be a day that we will actually learn to live with it. Even after following the mandates, there are people who catching the infection. Being termed as “positive” is actually creative a negative effect.

Everything has become so unpredictable and as the new strain has developed, we need to be extra cautious. What can be done when there are too many things to deal with and we simply cannot confine ourselves and starve!! With the New Year’s Eve, people have already made plans to celebrate their own way, though with restrictions.

BUT there are some things that can be taken care of when dealing with the basic necessities of life. The main thing that needs to be discussed is shopping. Shopping is one area which cannot be avoided, it is just that we need to think deeper and keep ourselves and our families safe. The essential services like food and clothes force anyone to rush to the market. Market is one place where most of the people have caught the infection and then transferred to the family before any symptoms could arise. Malls and supermarkets must be avoided as everything in these buildings is touched by thousands of people. With the covid attack getting noticed after some time of the person catching infection, these places become the riskiest ones. Records say that many people developed symptoms after visiting supermarkets. Apart from this the recreational centres like parks, movie theatres may have been visited by infected people hence must be avoided.

Now that people are also eating out at restaurants and bars, they are at a great risk and are more likely to risk others, too. Though all necessary cautions are being taken care of by the organisers, yet the virus is proving to be powerful. It is therefore advisable to opt for take-away and avoid eating any kind of half cooked or uncooked food like salads and fruit combinations. Juices must be strictly avoided outside.

Be very sure of staying away from places that actually witness more public in limited spaces. Some small shops that have been your favourite since years but basically occupy very small area must be avoided. Else you need to observe when that favourite shop of yours has very few walk-ins. Also you need to keep your sanitiser handy as sometimes it is not possible to buy something without taking a good look at it, to be more clear on this ...we do take things in our hands ex. cosmetics and toiletries for checking the expiry date and the ingredients. Online shopping may prove to be good for a lot of things, just be careful about the authenticity of the site and the payment modes.

Vegetables and fruits can be bought from the local vendors who have been supplying in your area since long. All you need to do is wear your mask and wear gloves, too, when you move out to buy veggies from the vendor, wash the veggies in hot water or leave them in the sun for at least half an hour.

None of the points mentioned above are new or something that we do not know of. It is just a matter of extra caution as it involves not just our lives but of others as well.

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