A 60-Year Old Versatile Artist of Udaipur

A 60-Year Old Versatile Artist of Udaipur

“I can be moulded wherever required." - Artist Puran Sharma

Artist Puran Sharma

Puran Sharma, a name recognized by many but destined to be known by many more, has spent years perfecting his craft. From adorning the walls of renowned establishments to collaborating with famous personalities, Sharma is spreading his art in Udaipur and across Udaipur.

Puran Sharma’s fascination with art began in his early school days. He found his passion for miniature painting in the 6th grade, inspired by a family member who shared the same love for the arts. Since then, Sharma has honed his skills to become a master in creating intricate and delicate paintings that require immense patience and precision.

Puran Sharma

Puran Sharma Artist Udaipur

By the 8th grade, he had already won second place in a drawing competition at RNT Medical College with a art piece on 'Manav Tantra.' Sharma’s talent has not gone unnoticed in Udaipur. He has left his artistic mark on numerous hotels, restaurants, cafes, and private spaces across the city. One of the most notable examples of his work can be seen at "Qala," a popular Art Bar & Coffeehouse in Udaipur, where he adorned the walls with his miniature paintings. He has worked with renowned Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre

Qala Udaipur

Qala, Udaipur

Beyond Miniatures

While Sharma is celebrated for his miniature art, his versatility as an artist is equally impressive. “I can be moulded wherever required,” he says, highlighting his ability to adapt to various art forms. 

Contemporary Art

Artist Puran Sharma

While miniature painting is his expertise, Puran Sharma’s talent extends to various other art forms, including marble inlay art, silver furniture design, and glass painting. Remarkably, he has even created miniature art on a single grain of rice.

One of his most cherished memories includes creating 50 paintings on a single cloth, which he considers one of his best works. Additionally, he has done mural painting at the “Kali Bai Panorama” in Dungarpur district. His skills extend to Udaipur’s first film studio, "Kalashetra," where he spent two and a half months creating intricate mural art on its walls. 

Kali Bai Panorma

Kali Bai Panorma

Kalibai Panorama, Dungarpur

Memorable Moments

At the age of 21, during the shooting of the Hollywood movie "Octopussy" at Shiv Niwas, actor Kabir Bedi was so impressed by his art that he gifted Sharma a watch, a token of appreciation for his exceptional skills.

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