Right Floor for every application

Right Floor for every application

What is Engineered wood and the benefits one can derive from it... Read On...

Right Floor for every application

Conventional hardwood is the use of tree from forest to your house directly. However, engineered hardwood is made up of many layers. Hardwood veneer is the outermost solid layer. The next layer which is fused and glued under heat and pressure is either plywood, fibreboard of high density or hardwood. The central engineered hardwood is built by pine or spruce woods. It permits the flooring to expand or contract with differing temperature without affecting the floor.  It has three or more than three layers. The grain runs at 90 degree.

Central portion gives stability and veneer exterior brings aesthetic appeal to the product. Alteration in shape with humidity is minimum. It is considered a robust flooring.  The engineered wood floor takes 20-100 years to deteriorate. Its life is affected by thickness of the top veneer.  Redoing the flooring of the house you wish improvement over the last flooring. The engineering wood top layer is 1/16-inch 1/8-inch veneer wood. Veneer is obtained from hardwood logs. Veneer is not a new concept it has existed for centuries in furniture making. The core wood is of inferior quality. The top layer is pre-finished. The floor has undergone sanded, stained and sealed process. Once the floor is laid you can take the liberty to walk on it.

Pros of engineered wood

  • It is possible to sanded engineered wood once scratches and dings develop.
  • The flooring is costly, but its resale value goes up.
  • Floorboards of engineered floor can be used as floating floor. It needs no glue, staples or nails.
  • Under floor heating is possible.
  • Engineered flooring curtails moisture dilemma which is there in conventional hardwood.
  • These floorings do not swell and wrap and are low cost maintenance items.
  • It saves wood.
  • It can be spread out over concrete subfloor
  • More stable compared to solid wood
  • Easy to install quickly on surfaces like cork or any other underlayment
  • Heavy usage places like reception, corridor, foyer the floor is installed with ease. It can take roughing out at high traffic zone.
  • These floors are functional as huge variety is available in varying thickness, grades, sizes etc. They are used in residence and industrial areas.
  • The floor is very stable and strong.

It has better durability compared to solid wood.

Another Safe Flooring Option

One other option is rubber floors also, Rubber flooring is durable, pliable, waterproof cleanliness savvy and easy to look after. It has sound insulation and a soft floor. Rubber flooring come in different colours such as black, grey, blue, green terracotta etc. It has ample choice in patterns, textures also.  More options can be seen online at Wholesaler shop also. The thickness varies from 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm.  One of the most

These floorings are suitable for children’s room, gym, bathroom laundry room, playroom, basements, residence and business premises. It is so because it is resilient flooring. The surface is easy to clean. All needs of the client are met through these floorings. The rubber floorings are lasting and easy to maintain. These are water resistant and decrease noise It does not give out fumes in case of fire. These floorings complement and contrast with the décor of the home.

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