Sound of Silence!! The most beautiful experience

Sound of Silence!! The most beautiful experience

The lockdown due to covid19 has brought certain good experiences back.
Sound of Silence!! The most beautiful experience
Keep your eyes and ears open, it is time for you to take a good look around.

The world is but a beautiful place and all that you never thought of came to life only after the ugly episode began. The ugly episode is none other than the existing covid19. Let me tell you my exact feelings over this beautiful world and what makes it beautiful even more, for me at least. 

It is not about landscape or technology, it is not about wide roads, it is not about a luxurious bed in a big house. It is not even about a smart city or the not so smart city. It is not about the designer clothes or smart party wear or the jeans and t-shirt that stand out in crowd. It is just much beyond.

One fine morning right immediately after the lockdown was announced, I woke quite early to a sound that has now become my alarm clock. It is however a different matter that I went to sleep once again after enjoying this sound to the fullest only to wake an hour later. What matters here is that this one hour of sleep or the second round of sleep which happens everyday now is the peaceful one, something that most of us yearn for. Afterall a good sleep is followed by an active day and we don't feel that pre-corona irritation in our schedules (these are my views and it is quite okay for you to differ). 

Now that sound to which I refer to as my alarm clock was so loud and clear that I felt that it was right next door kind of thing. It was loud but it was not at all irritating and it reminded me of those old days where opening your eyes on a smokey village morning was so good an experience. The sound was that of peacock, in fact many peacocks. The sounds that have been suppressed over time because of the honking of horns and the noise of factories and the burning engines every minute. I was reminded of my childhood when the cries of peacock were considered to be heard mostly at the arrival of monsoon. My day was made, the peacock was probaly dancing somewhere, that's what I thought and the picture of a dancing peacock emerged before my eyes the way I had seen it in my childhood a number of times. I just loved that morning and now mostly all mornings are the same and I love them all so much. I enjoy listening to the peacock's cries.

Followed by this charismatic experience was the bunch of house sparrows that had gathered in the porch. Yes, the house sparrows which are not seen in the houses any longer. They are probably disappearing for it is said that they appear in places where there is peace and love. Such cute little birds and the chirping was again like music to my ears. Lockdown certainly has given us beautiful things to see and hear. 

I also realised that were people in the colony walking with steel kettles hanging by their hands and later I came to know that this is the group in the colony which gathers early morning everyday and goes to pick milk from the milkman's house. They take it immediately after the cows have been milked and that the taste of this fresh milk is much better, the medicinal properties are even stronger. And you know how I came to know that there were these people walking on the road? I actually heard their footsteps which was an impossible thing pre-lockdown. And not to mention that they were maintaining the social-distancing formula.

All sounds were so over supressed earlier that hearing them now seems like heaven. In addition the air has become so clean, there is no pollution, you can hear even when a person is whispering. I have also imagined listening to the panther's sound and also the sound of leaves beneath its pugs when it walks. 

Lockdown has very naturally opened our ears to beautiful sounds, it has opened our eyes to see the flowers blooming, the birds clearing the water from their feathers, the water seeping slowly into the flower pots and the sweet smell of soil lightens up every nerve.

There is a positive aspect accompanied by every negative thing. Corona-the negative forced a lockdown and this lockdown increased our desire to live. Life's beauty started dancing in front of our eyes and there is nothing better than an eye-opener. Results are positive. 
May all stay healthy and strong-my wish and prayers for everyone. I feel a new energy inside me. 

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