TENEBRIFIC | Darkness Within One's Self - Kaneez

TENEBRIFIC | Darkness Within One's Self - Kaneez

Darkness voyages with light, Like a needy needs aid

TENEBRIFIC | Darkness Within One's Self - Kaneez

Drenched paper in ink,

My teardrops tumble on it,

As words moulding in devotions and sufferings,

The light of candle quiver,

Twilight arrived & moonlit,

Radiant than ever.

Darkness voyages with light,

Like a needy needs aid;

For a revolt, for hope,

For not always concealing in itself,

Years of travelling,

Enlightened it, that they are different,

So it needs to uncover it's own path.

Disheartened by everything,

Its isolation consumes it alive,

Spectacles of euphoria pass by,

Like an aerotrain,

Its world is clasped in remorse,

Of something huge,

Mightier than you can imagine,

And tinier than a single atom.

Time stands still,

Or flies in milliseconds,

Revolving 360 times around my problems,

Doesn't take me to any explanations,

Indeed water is transparent,

But being open and transparent,

Doesn't let anyone care for me sufficient,

They want me to fulfil their voids in life,

But I don't need their neediness,

Vacate me alone,

From your pseudo exemplary sides,

I'm a darkness in myself,

I'll demolish your whole life,

Your lights make me a demon,

And I'll swallow it,

Cause my darkness is invaluable to me,

Then your feinged light.

Dignified to endorse me as me,

Not anymore frightened,

Of being consumed by me,

My darkness will become the light in me,

Illuminate every time of the years,

To guide someone like me,

But hope that none lost in fake lights,

Cause lights quench the purest darkness in life.

The above poem has been penned by Kaneez Fatima Bhalam from Udaipur. Kaneez is pursuing her BSc (Hons) in Home Science from College of Community and Applied Sciences, MPUAT, Udaipur. She has interest in poetry and is an avid reader. She has participated in anthologies, where she has shared a few of her poems, which inclue 'Words of Mansion' and 'A Poet was Born'. 

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