The 2013 Anecdote

The 2013 Anecdote

A year in life that nobody wants to forget, a year that threads the happiness for upcoming years ahead and a year that that do ends up good – good, in terms of completed and amended resolutions.

The 2013 Anecdote

A year in life that nobody wants to forget, a year that threads the happiness for upcoming years ahead and a year that that do ends up good – good, in terms of completed and amended resolutions.

For some, the year 2013 may have been like this and for some it may have been completely opposite, that people are praying for its end and to begin afresh and new.

The most used and at the same time heard term in passing year must have been the “common man”; a man that has been conned by many and from every corner.

Uncountable times this, and the year end did bring a little light of hope for the common man in terms of Arvind Kejriwal rising to the occasion and being the common man’s Chief Minister, as to what the media said- finally a Minister from the people who once was sitting among them.

For the so called common man (who in itself refrains from being common or to be designated as the common man) the life in India is this- C2P,which equals Cinema Cricket and Politics.

Cinema- for the one thing that indeed is dear-some to many and numerous, that one even can’t live without, the year 2013 has seen a fair presentation on the silver screen, viz. the rise of tall and beautiful Deepika Padukone and for many die hard SRK fans the journey in Chennai Express with Rohit Shetty being the driver and the actual driver failing to impress was the perfectionist, Aamir Khan (for me, failing to deliver the Dhoom adrenaline pump that Hrithik installed five years back) and the much pleasant change arrived from Farhan Akhthar- first, Fukrey as the production head and then the running star Milkha Singh, you just cannot un-count this person, a Director, a Singer, an actor, much in the league of a new age Guru Dutt (the veteran from the 1960’s who made classics like Kaagaz Ke Phool, Shaeb Biwiaur Ghulam, ChaudhaviKa Chand, etc.).

The sweet fresh breeze of air from the window via Kai Po Che ,Lootera, Ram Leela and the Lunch Box and YJHD that embarked the lost bunny in everyone who watched that movie sincerely and many ended up finding the lost Bunny inside them.

Cricket- no matter how boring it gets, how stereotypical it becomes, it will stay in our memories day and night. The year 2013 will be remembered in history books for one reason and only one reason- the farewell of the master Sachin R Tendulkar from the game with this adieu line to the game – “22 yards has been my life from the past 24 years.”

Sans the pure fun missing from the game, Virat Kholi does contend rightly as the person capable of wearing the shoes of SRT and carry on the legacy in which people believe- time till he is in the middle, India has a hope to win the game.

A special mention for Jacques Kallis, the South African; Rahul Dravid, the man who served the game with sheer respect and dignity equally to the country and the game.And forget IPL, it is much like the Grand Masti type, not required and an unwanted change.

Politics- this is one aisle in every common man’s life; which is always glowing and delivering all the time. By delivering, I mean it evokes the will of opinion in many. Who should be the Prime Minister and who should not be the Prime Minister?

The cliff between Modi and the Indian National Congress party, the rise of AAP in the Capital, the uprooting of Shiela Dixit from the Capital and the forever blossoming corruption that is always a visiting guest in politics. This particular chapter of India the nation has the potential to change but for sure good drivers and governance is required.

To sum up a bit early, I will like to say it’s always a New Year every year and what perhaps exemplifies the new year notion in everybody is when we reach the half way mark in months of July and August and seek forward to next year coming our way. But for a change, please try to live from January to December and try to wake up at the time of sunrise on 1st January 2014, only to keep things on track and fresh.

Perhaps India will keep us busy with its basic ingredients of C2P and not to forget a special mention for spirituality (the extra sugar that is harmful for the common man- let’s look at the God that resides in our houses and then plan a trip to some spiritual place.)

Looking ahead to 2014 the things in store are-

  • The Highway- another theater seat trip by this magic man of Indian cinema (Imitiaz Ali) and some perfectly mixed music with the moving images on celluloid.
  • Jai Ho!! – The ultimate superstar of our time, to me the successor to Rajni Sir, the philanthropic bad man or the Robin Hood of the poor.
  • The Lok Sabha elections- who will be new resident in 7- Race Course road, the ever feisty and robust Hindu Narendra Modi or will the dynasty triumphs once again?
  • The day to day life in India- what new change will be coming our way- on television, on online shopping sites, on new food chains and etc. etc.

Some will get married, some will go to a nursery class, some will become graduates, some will see the light and face the world, few will try something new, some will think of what to do new and someone will be writing like this again and again.

Have a wonderful year folks with a healthy and a prosperous life ahead.

Jai Ho!!

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