The Expression of Anger

The Expression of Anger

December 16, 2013; one more day going down in history, for all the wrong reasons, much that has been the trend right now, filling the history books for all the wrong reasons.


The Expression of Anger

December 16, 2012; now one more day of shame, much that has been the trend right now, filling the history books for all the wrong reasons.

The debate in an Indian family- where to sends their daughter for education or a job after completing education. Either Delhi or Mumbai, I am saying particularly mentioning these two cities as these are feasible to North Indians. And recently one more horrifying event in the same proportions has taken place, this time in the Resort City of India – Mumbai it is.

Not to discuss what were the consequences or what will be the outcome, where we have moved from 16th December, for it has traveled from Delhi to Mumbai rather. Rape, a crime that deserves more than something called punishment; the realization may be the key to discover the most suitable punishment.

The consistency of the crime and its repeated occurrence is the evidence of failure from our side- we can protest, we can lead or be a part of candle march or we can tie black bands or we can show silent objection and it all comes to the democracy. Passing of a legislature or a new amendment in the existing outing of a law- this process takes time as it’s not a day or two days of work.  So for the right of people our very own chosen Government needs time because a democracy requires a calculative step procedure. And till then let this happen – rape or other ill crimes.

8 months and still looking at the glass to be filled, not even to the half way mark yet and when this will meet an end, nobody can predict or make a guess.  The only answer is democracy- for the people by the people of the people.

Back to the equation of Female Gender.  I am a son, I am a brother, I will be a husband someday and will be a father to a girl someday.  Do I need to live in fear of having any relations with this gender only because I cannot be with her every time, while she is away from sight?  Or I should desperately wait for her to come back home – safe and sound?  The fear has taken over the love for the loved ones.

It was sad when the same happened to the girl that whole country named-Nirbhaya and with the grief still prevailing, another incident occurs!  We can express our sorrows, cannot get the taste of the food we eat while thinking of this incident, can be precautious to the female members of our own family and in near neighborhood but there is something that lies ahead of all this.  The pain and the anger that builds up under the very layers of sorrow and grief, police will work by the law and judiciary will give a chance to the accused.  The chance to the accused, Law says it is so done to fix the most suitable punishment and for the accused it is a chance to fish themselves out of the loose woven net of our judicial system.

For every woman it is a black day whenever such incident occurs and for every male it is a day to revise where they are standing in this world.  We (males) particularly at this age in the early Twenties are either going through an affair or wending in a commitment or soon to be involved in a marriage, different scenarios but same feeling of love is what threads the relationship between two people.  I am writing this to find a way out from this situation or the dilemma, that the judicial system this country is having, can actually coast the justice for the victim or indirectly give accused a chance to live a life behind bars.

In many homes – in Nuclear families or in joint ones or in the families where the female head is a working partner, the television seeing children asks their parents; what is Rape?  And this question has no answer besides changing the topic to something else.

Next thing to be mentioned here is the verdict on the juvenile accused.  The only basis is that a juvenile is also a human being and in a few years he will be an adult. The judiciary has an illusion either to claim the juvenile as accused or not. When he is or was committing the crime didn’t he knew what my age is, should I participate in this or stand aside?

In today’s India, everything directly or indirectly is linked to the politics and in no time politics will be played on this too, where the original crime will be over shadowed by the claims against the ruling party and uproar in the assembly and after a few days everything back to normal. I know I am questioning the very intuition and inner self of us but alas this is the only thing that we are left with us today, to question ourselves and find the answers from within. At the max, what we can do from our sides to be aware and stand against the rape and discrimination against the female gender.  Be a responsible son, a trustworthy brother, a caring husband to someone and last but not the least a father to a daughter.

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