The Goodvibes for a Positive Life!

The Goodvibes for a Positive Life!

To make the surroundings filled with positivity, one needs to be a complete source of positiveness. This could be achieved by simple use of affirmatives or auto suggestions.

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The Goodvibes for a Positive Life!

“…We are like magnets. When we emit positive energy (thoughts, feelings and vibrations), we attract more positives to us.”

To make the surroundings filled with positivity, one needs to be a complete source of positiveness. This could be achieved by simple use of affirmatives or auto suggestions.

Affirmatives or autosuggestion are positive words or phrases which when repeated over and over change your inner world, boost up your self confidence, and create new belief and vibrations which eventually change the reality. As trees take all the toxic gases like carbon-dioxide from the surroundings and give away only oxygen which is the most essential thing as far as survival is considered, in the same way we should take all the vibrations from the surroundings and give away only the positive vibes and eliminate the rest.

We can take one more example of fountain which showers in all the direction equally with water same way we should spread happiness and positivity in all the directions.

To be happy one must keep the perspective of looking at the things positive. Avoiding unnecessary conflicts lead you to one step closer to your goal. People with negativity will always pull you down. They will not find happiness in winning but their happiness lies in loss of others.

Even if they will see you walk on water, they will say it’s because you can’t swim. But you should not let your morale down and make the rocks they throw at you become the cornerstone upon which you build your legacy.

Sometimes we should give our unconscious mind chances to come up with its thoughts, that is sometimes we should talk to ourselves. What we have to do is that we have to allow all the thoughts either positive or negative flow inside us and after understanding all of them we have to simply eliminate the negative ones.

At any moment, you can send people positive vibes or negative vibes; it’s you who can connect with people in positive way, physically or verbally. Or you can push them away or knock them down, either by physically or via verbal complaints, disagreement etc. But connecting in a positive way involves emanation of positive energy. The more emanation you will send to people the more appreciation you will get in return.

If we want to attract positive energy, wellness, happiness & vitality to ourselves we need to overcome some obstacles which involve negative emotions such as stress, anxiety fear or anger. This will boost ourselves and counter balance daily stress. We should focus on using words like “yes, I agree, I appreciate” as they create positive impression and neglecting use of words like “no, but, I can’t, never” etc. as they give a negative image and have a negative impact.

Today is the first day of rest of your life, revel in it. Believe yourself, appreciate yourself, give compliments to others and free yourself from what you were yesterday. Make happiness your number one priority. Never let the couple of dark clouds cover the whole sky & try to become that one ray of hope which will dissolve negative darkness into positive sunshine.

Positive vibes are like gentle sunshine, they radiate good feeling. Of course cutting everything out and going only for the positiveness is hard, but it’s worth it.

Written by: Shantanu Dave

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