The Panacea to the biggest Puzzle — LIFE

The Panacea to the biggest Puzzle — LIFE

Self-confidence is the common sense here. People high on it are successful. That doesn’t mean they are never afraid. Nope! They are just high with self-confidence and act upon their aversions and fears. Stand in front of a mirror. Eye contact yourself and delete all the negativity inside.


The Panacea to the biggest Puzzle — LIFE

What is up with you people these days?

If something goes wrong in your life, why is it that you have to shriek and grouch about it the whole time? And why is it that you have to sit with it the whole day?
Isn’t it possible that you led yourself to where you are right now? Why rue now when you never realized the value of time? Why is it that you need a doctor and his prescriptions for overcoming the problem? Why is it that you have to hark at the useless people in your life who are just there to laugh but not support you through tough times?


Yes! You read it right. Let’s make it simple to understand.

In life, we have done deeds which licenses life to be mad at us. We have not done adequate actions to be at the other side. Greatness can be achieved if one perceives responsibility. Responsibility of your life, of your state of affairs is the key to greatness.

It is not important to be weak. It’s not a swag chore or a characteristic to be proud of. Then why to reflect yourself as a weak individual. There’s a term called ‘development’. And it has various branches to its name. What I’m scripting about is — PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

I QUIT! I’ll QUIT! This isn’t my cup of tea! These are just phrases, to stash emotions and feelings; to become superior and astute over people.

It brings goosebumps to hear life stories of successful people but it brings courage to follow the path which they walked on. It brings self discipline to be on the other side of failure, forsooth. Self analysis is a requisite. What you can teach yourself can’t be taught via speeches, videos, books etc.

You are special! Oh yes you are!

Why are afflictions there in our lives? Why? This is the question we ask, face up towards the sky or probably the ceiling of our room. I ask you why is this ‘why’ so important?

You are the chosen one, for something in life and that’s definitely unique to the world.

MS Dhoni is MS Dhoni, no one calls him Sachin Tendulkar right?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two most talked about footballers because of how they play. Yet neither of them is a copy of another?

Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder of Facebook and Mr. Sunder Pichai is the CEO of Google. They both work in same competitive world, same country but none of them is equivalent to another. Both of them have created this juncture of fate on their own and through various highs and lows of life.

I have a list full of names which are undoubtedly much popular right now. But hey? They all are individuals and are original to the world. They are not carbon copies of people which they admired throughout their childhood. They admired to be like them not to develop as them. Understand the difference. This is what we lack, the deficit of understanding even the simplest of things life teaches us. None of the above mentioned ever ceased working in the direction of their dream and fostered opportunities for greatness.

We breed complexities in life. We seek to engender more difficulties. We tend to do it so that we can indeed be full of tribulations and think of becoming triumphant.
Just by reading stuff and listening to stories doesn’t signify you have to follow the tack topped up with hurdles, I mean if that is the case we all could be poor or rich at the same time. We all could be impaired or debilitated.

Destiny is certain by what Karma we have engaged in. Karma is a bitch, we all hit our social media stories with this quotation but we fail to remember that it is what we have concluded. And why to whine when you are enduring? Karma is not only relate-able to the negative work which we did in our entire life or the previous one. The amount of goodness and badness in your work, your daily life matters. Karma will hit you back in the same manner.

Everything is evident from the concept of Karma. It starkly untangles the fact that we are the culprits and we should stop complaining about activities going wrong or not working in favor of us.

One more issues which makes us even more weaker is — FEAR.

People tend to fear from being judged, fear from being rebuked, fear of — failing, embarrassment, rejection, expressing, abandonment, loss.

Now tell me of how much importance is this in your life? Like being judged can never take away your identity. Its the confidence that matters, rest all is bullshit. If someone judges you then it is there problem, they are losing a special person in their life, big deal! Failures are mandatory. In recent years, I have realized the importance of failing. It makes you a good learner and a better executor.

Fear of relationships, love, family members, teachers, friends are definitely some sort of a concern to us. But mark my words, only your parents and a few trust worthy friends will be valuable to you throughout. If you start to have feelings of trepidation then you’ll end up being alone. The greatest possibility in being honest, straight-forwardness is that the other person might get angry/serious or be in panicky state.

The silent killer is the fear of the UNKNOWN. This manifests as a needless worry about all the negatives that could happen to us. If you decide to change, you can. The first step is to identify your fear and weakness. Just by identifying your fear, you are half way there my friend. Half way to conquer your fear/weakness.

Doctor’s prescription will act as an antidote to your concerns for maybe a while but not forever. What truly acts as an antidote is your ‘actions’.

Failure is not as catastrophic as you ever imagined. Soon you’ll be realizing as to why successful people are winners. They learn from their failures. Decisions in life matter but there is no logic behind a good decision or a bad one. Good decisions consumes lesser time but tends to be marginal in erudition. The bad ones, on the other side provides you with moments of learning and experiencing life at a very closer angle.

Fear is the biggest weakness which one should overcome as early as possible in life. As we grow into an adult and later with greater responsibilities, we are until then in the habit of agitating so much and create dilemmas in life.

Take responsibility of your life. You are the one who’ll be living it. Why waste it by moaning and waning about the negatives when you can actually overcome and live happily and joyously.

In life be the individual which the world knows and respects. Don’t dream to be like your idol instead be one yourself. Don’t become weak through all your hardships. Every morning you should be thankful to god to be given an opportunity to live in such circumstances as this is which will make you an icon of the future.

Self-confidence is the common sense here. People high on it are successful. That doesn’t mean they are never afraid. Nope! They are just high with self-confidence and act upon their aversions and fears. Stand in front of a mirror. Eye contact yourself and delete all the negativity inside.

Please never forget the importance of any problem in your life. If you take responsibility and challenge the problem, be brave enough to fight through it to become a winner, no one could ever stop you.

You, my friend will be the future, the world wants. Every human is special and so are you, so put up a smile while you end up reading this line.

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