The Traveller

The Traveller

For me the very difference between a tourist and a traveller is- a traveller always finds a place called as home where ever he traverses and a tourist always finds a room in exchange of money.

The Traveller

For me the very difference between a tourist and a traveller is- a traveller always finds a place called as home where ever he traverses and a tourist always finds a room in exchange of money.

It’s better to be traveller in life than to be a tourist that has to go back to the same place every time from where it starts. For a traveller the earth is endless, for a tourist it is the same circle where he/she walks on regular basis and nothing new excites them.

New places, new people, new smell of food, new air to breathe, new water to drink and a change to rejuvenate as the new us.

It is always the tale of two cities, with the two cities being; the one where we live, we don’t ever want to leave (when we were a child) and the one where we always want to be, the city of dreams, that has a life in the night. The place where its population sleeps but the city takes the role play as the sun goes down and the faded white light takes over.

The childhood that discovered the hidden aisles and the teenage that found the short cuts in the near neighbourhood and the early twenties that were craving to live a life in a metro and the slope down of the late thirties that flashes back the time when everything was available to us in the flip of two three paddles on a bicycle.

For a person living and growing up simultaneously in a small city that forms 1/8th of the gigantic Mumbai, it is always a hidden layered fantasy; What it would be like to live in that city not less than a conglomerate of everything- money, relationships, fake realism, cricket, cinema, slums, sky scrapers, extra extended shopping areas, an activity always going somewhere around and last but not the least there is no time to sleep.

Dreams may be waiting but work and race keeps many awake.

A vacation is a form of rebirth to gather the emotions rather to fish them out from the depth inside, to assemble the happiness away from the home and with a near one special.

The very hours those were soaked in the work either by gazing at the LCD screen with fingers dancing on a QWERTY simultaneously.A trip to a place having some flowers in near surrounding, a visible sunrise from the window and a place where there are no alarm clocks and the place where people obey your order anything you say- delivered.

But at the end of the trip, money takes the role and life comes back to the same, where it was. Just a small change, battery levels are charged up ready for work.

In a country like India, where there is everything ranging from- 12 months of endless rains; to a few months of snowfall; to the humid 24 hour day for 365 days; to the shining and punishing sunlight.

God plays a good role in travelling, important (for devotees) and vital (vital for travel organizers) here, in the name of love (love for God) people traverse miles, in search of the almighty (though yet to be found and pictured).

And the best part- travelling via

By road, an independent trip either in a compact four seat car or in a cute bulged out SUV and if time is rude then by a state transport bus service having vivid cultures on every occupied seat.

The most loved one; a few inches above the road cruising on parallel metal bars, hamari rail, Indian railways, can bet on this. This is one thing that any Indian just cannot ignore or claim to hate. It actually serves a lot, at someplace or at sometime this wheel drive has a memory stored inside everyone.

A boy can always find that extra cute girl sitting in chore around at the platform reading a book and she knows people are watching, but who cares; this is actually one place where strangers are indeed the only friends, friends to get the query from, of the next train and to help with the luggage.

And last but not the least, the air service where human beings are couriered from one place to other, it may be classy and time saver but let’s face it reaching early is not always good and healthy.

Life is a journey said by someone, amid some people always end up adding new places and new emotions to that journey by travelling and exploring new in life every time they go for a vacation.

Some prefer to travel abroad, some prefer to dwell in the domestic regions running into different unexplored directions among North South East West and after sometime making peace on one place where you always want to be, regardless of countless time you have been there previously.

The search for peace indeed makes us land at places which we never ever thought we will visit- a bonfire in between the canopy of tall trees in the darkest of the night and sleeping without the artificial air produced by fans and chilled machines.

The basic amenities are available but luxury never finds a place to fit in or a place where the circumstances make us to be there; a flat tire, heavy rains or your body asking for some rest after a whole day driving.

There is no end to this journey and there will never be words to describe the emotion related with travelling. In the journey of life, the places we visit are not less than milestones, embarked on them the memories we weave and the time we invested to discover ourselves every time a little bit more than before.

“There is and will always be a hidden unnoticed place in some corner of the Earth that will keep calling people to come and visit and weave memories along.”

To create photo albums, to always cherish the reason to visit amid meeting the one person for a lifetime and to get some time added for friends and family and food. Travelling is something that delivers the time being to rediscover that gets layered in the day to day hassles of life.”

And life goes on.

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