The Universal Language

The Universal Language

While the immigrants to various destinations on this Earth are in search of one language that everybody understands and makes an effort to speak. Isn’t it obvious, understanding is indeed the first step towards anything new and nascent and to make it befriends.

The Universal Language

While the immigrants to various destinations on this Earth are in search of one language that everybody understands and makes an effort to speak. Isn’t it obvious, understanding is indeed the first step towards anything new and nascent and to make it befriends.

Being an Indian living in and growing up simultaneously in urban India and like many other urban Indians we tend to hear the western music and it does leave an influence on us. Say in terms of lyrics or the style and looks of the artist or the music instruments they use and many more minute details.

The music is indeed one language that is understood by everybody and by everyone. From generations it had always left an imprint on many. Time since the dawn of melodious voices of Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore da and Mohammad Rafi and the ever sincere voice of Mukesh and  soulful voice of Manna De, the time is having with itself the memoirs of music that dissolved with the air since the independence era. And not to forget that it was the time when nothing much was available in terms of science and technology in music.

There was only this, a soulful voice and a feel of singing that included, the singer going along with the lyrical notes and always a desire to attempt something new and wonderful. Times have changed significantly and quality has been shown the doors of exit, involving any sort of monetary gain.

What always keeps emotions in state of buoyancy, not sinking but also not swimming… the Music? This thing actually has some pre established connections with the soul and human brain.

Perhaps why I am writing this is because, the quality of music that has taken a setback in recent past. Senseless rap music and the short aisle to popularity- include the cuss words or if courage include abusive tongue it will be an instant hit, although for how long it will stay in the list; who cares. Seriously no one cares.

For example, there used to be a time when there were songs or musical lyrical notes were there meant to deliver courage and thread the hopes once again and to be the ultimate companion in the time when our brain was playing the shadows of dark inside us. And now a days this all is there, either the drums are thumping so very much or guitars are plunging nonstop ably that every single second of a composition is serving as come and go. Hear now and forget tomorrow. Where this all is heading, only divine listeners might have an answer to this.

There are places that appear like they are isolated from the rest of the world, remotely connected by music to the world outside. The tribes of various civilizations that were once there or the vulnerable tribes those are here in present times.

I had one such good experience to listen the organic music without involving much of instrumentation, a gazal originally composed by Jagjit Singh, sang by a hippie- a resident from some European country and he was singing that with ease and from inside, perfectly going with the very dim lighten ambiance around, in a restaurant situated nearby a ghat in holy city of Haridwar and it was a soothing experience that will stay in memory for long time.

Music is something that has always delivered at the time of need and at the need of hour. One can even manage to groove on a peppy song number at the middle of the road singed in all possible hoarse voices.  And add to it the silent song that rolls inside as lips came in flow with the lyrical notes and in current times the jamming sessions at the coke studio or at unplugged recordings.

The companion for isolation is the music. One do takes a dive inside while listening the song and try to thread with the moment of life passing by. A dear friend of mine once said, “Songs are indeed the great memoirs of the past as they tend to flashback the time which we once lived. Obviously we cannot go back there again but music helps in a detour.”Viz. the three stairs leading to the college entrance or the song hymns at the cathedral every year or the songs at the evening of farewell or the only song singed with a courage to show what we feel and what we aspire.

I am also writing words that may not stay in one’s memory for long time as a song does or in few days it will certainly disappear from our memories.But when combining words with music, it has the power to take all the worries away and make one feel alive and different.

In the era of Yo Yo and many new singers trying that extra bit to make the song audibly sad and least soulful and some trying to stay in the wind of something new popping up every day. It feels good to take a detour in the time of 70-80’s and to visit the ever fresh change brought by A.R. Rahman and Amit Trivedi and adding to it the much lovable voices of fresh and moist Mohit Chauhan and the always nascent Arijit Singh.

It’s been a year, since the black day of Indian urban history-16th December 2012, please take a notice; how far we have traveled and how far it still remains to go. Are woman around us, in a self called responsible male society are safe or still they are finding a place to breathe easily? Or the males are still predominantly sticking to the manhood that believes in we will see when time comes;don’t-you-know-me-who-I-am!!

Time is asking for answers more than ever before, there is not even a decimal percent downfall in rape attempts, but a sure rise in complains being admitted of this crime and need of justice and punishment.

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