The unsung Hero

The unsung Hero

There are two worlds here, the city and the outskirts. The city from where I am writing this and the outskirts, where this particular piece of article will whether reach or will ever be read in near future, nobody knows.

The unsung Hero

There are two worlds here, the city and the outskirts. The city from where I am writing this and the outskirts, where this particular piece of article will whether reach or will ever be read in near future, nobody knows.

Imagine a place without the McD’s, a place where there is no on call half an hour pizza’s available, a place where you have to wait for weeks to have a melting piece of pastry/a chocolate brownie and a place where certainly variants of coffee are only a thing to imagine.

Hard to believe!

And comparing ourselves that is indeed “the always trying to be suave generation”, eating everything besides the proper balanced foods; living far-far away from nature’s lap and always running to own a better running machine in terms of two or a four wheeler.

I am talking about the soldier, the Army personnel. The ignored heroes and they are the ones who are living away from their homes for most part of their lives, spending calendars in cold and in sun only to protect the nation. Guarding the fence and never letting down anybody in terms of expectation.

In the society that is rotating continuously around the show off’s and living on this thought- say the lie louder and repeat it again and again, by this, the truth can be ignored or can be killed or it can be made un-audible to the ones who want to hear that.

In a country where women are a prey to many and the murder cases are sought after things and the politics is the money maker for media and rapes are a part of official crime scene (sorry, but its true) what is a person is left to do, person living in a urban part of this country?

And, comparing this scene with the life of army personnel living far away from the fake lights of the city, guarding the fence instead, they are indeed living peacefully provided that they are unknown to themischief of media and the so called news making art.

Imagine this; the frequency of life is back once again with us. We again learn to wait and make ourselves to learn how to believe and talk to people in a conversation without even once looking at the mobile phone. Isn’t it obvious the best use of a cellular device is the to talk to those who live far away from their homes or from the people they love the most and listening to their voice is the indicator of what is going in their lives?

And meanwhile here, most of break ups occur due to fact that it was a long distance relationship, it was requisite to end today or some other day.” We like to console ourselves and make us sit in the safe zone, every time a scrutiny comes from life at the corner.

There are people who tend to live in a place, where the need of employment had made them to be. A young lad chooses a career in defense, builds a life supported on discipline and sincerity, isn’t he the one standing distinct among many. Remembering the on screen roles played by the R. Madahvan in RDB and by Hrithik Roshan in Lakshya, those were inspirations and to many, they have been the memoirs from the past to build a sound future.

May be because they (the army personnel) are away or probably not so much into the social web math and not addicted to mobile phones and the one who looks for a solution rather than an escape.

Times have changed and they will keep on changing with the due course of life as it goes on. We cannot ignore the corruption, but the person who ignores to be corrupt and chooses to be clean, isn’t he who should be the one the acclaimed hero.

Journalism has evolved to be a distinct course to bachelor in, and it does bring a niche in life which makes you appear different. But it has lost its meaning; the hidden truths are now made the facts that are intentionally opened at the time of need.

There is a zest inside combined with a hope, that makes us walk miles in the search of truth and the work that we do in order to make a simpler and a better tomorrow, but the hero inside that fuels the zest is buried, buried under many layers of expectations, negatives and doubts.

The simplicity that drives many is in itself is searching for good driver to carry itself. What I am trying to say is that, what we are nurtured with- the instant messaging services, the platform to share every second of our lives with the world, the just a think away food services, where they are letting us? towards prosperity or into the darkness. Perhaps it is the law of the nature, the ones who know the value of an emotion are the ones who are not having it and wants to have it, but can’t.

Who will be the prime minister? What are bollywood stars up to, when they are not working? Who is ending a relationship and comes second are the ones who are getting into a relationship? What our peers are today, only to make many remind how far they have traveled? Life has got puzzled under many senseless things. And when I think of a soldier, perhaps they have the time with themselves to hear their insides and think and then conclude how far they have traveled and how far they have to grow from here. And here, life is just circling but only friends, family and rituals make sense.

And life goes on!!

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