THINK - You Own the Car or the Car Owns You

THINK - You Own the Car or the Car Owns You

THINK - You Own the Car or the Car Owns You

If you think you own an expensive item, think again. The expensive thing actually owns you. 

Imagine, you have bought the newest version of a luxury car. The German brand that always held your fantasy. 

You are on your way to work and a 2 wheeler in a sudden turn, saves himself from a collision, but scratches past your car and races past in his hurry.

You immediately come out of the car and inspect. Ok, the scratch is not too deep and is also not too visible you think.

Cursing the 2 wheeler driver you decide to get to work.

At work, you decide to call your garage and ask for a touch-up work. The voice on the other side informs you that it may cost you 10k for repainting the panel. That's too much, you think. The idea of restoring the car to its original colour still doesn't leave you.

The car hasn't changed much, it's performance and comfort continue to be the same as before. But somewhere, at the back of your mind, you are not at peace.

Now think again. You own the car or the car owns you?

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