Togetherness is what you define

Togetherness is what you define

God can’t be everywhere

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Togetherness is what you define

Parents Define Togetherness


The day we came in this world,

full of twists and turns.

You were the first ones

To let our little fingers get hold of yours.


The only day when we cried,

was only day you smiled for it.

Our smiles mean world to you,

& our success is heaven to you.


Togetherness is what you define,

Spreading love is what you desire.

Letting us swing, during those long walks

Holding our hands tight.


The way you hold our hands,

Too firmly, yet so gently,

That we can’t even fall

But at the same time,

   we won’t get hurt too.


Seconds passed, minutes passed,

And even hours passed too.

Days passed, months passed,

& even years passed too.


And now at this point,

after completion of so many years.

Together you walked, on this uneven road.

And together you added, sparkles on that road.


Making this journey,

a bit more beautiful.

Facing every moment together.

Never letting anything come

          between each other.


Life is a never-ending journey

We ask up for.

You are the ones

Who make this journey memorable.


You are the ones who

Let the moral values

Seep deep within us

& loading us with all good deeds too.


Being patient at every turn of life

Being our first role models, first love

The first one to hear our every problem

Sharing joy & taking our tears.


You are the ones

Who bring the heaven

down to earth

The one who blows life in us.


God can’t be everywhere,

But indeed you are there

in the form of his messengers

to guide us, to love us

For making this world, a better place to be in.


You’re the source of blessings

every child seek.

You’re the portrait of ultimate purity

Which protects us from every thorn of life.


You are Parents!!

Togetherness is what you define.

You are love, you are life.

You are ultimate.


– ©Aayushi Jain

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