Tuitions Produce Duplicates, My Take on it

Tuitions Produce Duplicates, My Take on it

Tuitions have acquired the glamour connotation and ostentatious flavor in the modern society. Now tuitions have the ‘reputation-factor’ attached to them. The question that arises is whether tuitions are so important for student life?

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Education is the industry governed by Psychology and has huge monetary reserve undiscovered……

Now why this paradox?

Well, Maslow described 5 types of needs in his Need-Hierarchy Theory. The first and foremost was the league of Basic needs comprising mainly of food, clothing and shelter which are most important for any human being to survive.

Slowly, education also entered into the category of basic needs and was justified too. In today’s competitive era, education is the most important ingredient for survival. With the passage of time, education has made a smooth transition from the category of a basic need to self-actualization or self-esteem needs.

Greed and selfishness have adulterated the originality and purity of education. It has now morphed into a full-fledged, low-risk and high-return business models.

Why Tuitions???

A student spends around 6-8 hours daily in school under the vigilance of teachers. As soon as she/he gets free from the school, she/he gets mired into another stress-spirals of coaching and tuitions, his /her brain gets inundated with and dominated by external forces and hence, there is no scope of something new or creative.

Tuitions Produce Duplicates, My Take on itThey enter the bandwagon of scoring high marks and ironically indeed, the main motto of the student life “Acquiring Knowledge” gets affected.

Also, when all his behavior is governed by someone else, s/he loses his own style and unique genre of performing any activity. This is curbing the innocence and creativity of a growing child.

This restricts the thinking power and capacity of students. Are six hours of school life not enough for a student? Student should be given some time for self-preparation, contemplation and idea-churning.

Tuitions have acquired the glamour connotation and ostentatious flavor in the modern society. Now tuitions have the ‘reputation-factor’ attached to them. The question that arises is whether tuitions are so important for student life?

Tuitions have meaning and academic significance if each and every student is getting adequate and independent attention of the tutor. In reality, tuition centers are taking much bigger size than schools.

On an average, every popularly known tuition center has 100-150 students in every class. In such a highly dense class no teacher can give attention to each and every child of his/her class.

This also has a psychological pressure on the child. He/ she feels insulted and de-motivated when inferiority complex creeps in among some students at tuition centers.

To top it, parents have very sophisticated excuses ready for sending children at tuitions.

They label it as the paucity of time. Under the pretext of busy career lives and demanding attention-spans, they themselves push their kids in the quagmire of an environment where stress, complexes and harmful habits come in a package.

Peer pressure and precocious knowledge of other forms enters the child’s radar much more quickly and addictively. Parents can be the best guide of student and should involve themselves with their child.

Student should be given some time for using their own brains. This will allow creativeness and innovation in the child.

Choice of right tuition center and tutor

Tuition classes do not add any value to the knowledge and intelligence of the student. They are merely places of producing duplicates and photocopies.

Only the so-called smart and intelligent students who score good marks in exams get the full attention of their teachers. Due to increasing demand for tuitions there is immense rise in the number of tuition classes across the country.

When there is a question of career, both parents as well as students have to get serious. We cannot think of development till every student gets individual attention of the tutor at tuition class.

In reality there is no need of tuition for any student and then too, the most important thing to be noted is that the student should select a tuition class that has limited number of students.

Both parents and students should keep their status matter aside and should think only of career.

After all, is it right that tutors usurp the power and duties of parents? Wisdom can never be acquired in modern factories called tuitions. They only serve marks in cookie-cutter moulds. Would you want to be another cookie?

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect’s policy.

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