Rising Makeup Artist, Fatima Luqmani, Makes Waves in the Beauty Industry

Rising Makeup Artist, Fatima Luqmani, Makes Waves in the Beauty Industry

By offering affordable services, she gained recognition in the Bohra community...

Makeup by Fatima

Fatima Luqmani, a rising makeup artist from Udaipur, began her journey into the world of makeup in 2019. Like many aspiring artists, Fatima started her makeup journey by watching countless online tutorials. With passion for creativity, she honed her skills through hours of practice and experimentation.

Initially offering affordable makeup services, Fatima's expertise soon caught the eye of the Bohra community, earning her recognition and her first order of Rs 700/-. As observed, the COVID-19 period prompted a surge in online work, motivating numerous individuals to explore new avenues and, ultimately, launch startups or small businesses from the comfort of their homes.

"Before, I didn't do makeup or even attempt it, but there was a strong desire within me to be productive and not stay idle. Previously, I had a job, but after quitting, I found myself with nothing to do. I spent my time scrolling through Instagram, where I noticed many people showcasing their work and earning from it. Watching makeup tutorials inspired me to start my own venture. Upon my friend's suggestion, I began sharing pictures of my makeup work on Instagram to showcase my skills to a wider audience." - Fatima 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fatima also found herself with ample alone time and chose to utilize it productively by honing her skills in makeup artistry. Despite the challenging circumstances, she was fortunate to receive orders from clients seeking her makeup services, allowing her to continue working even during the pandemic.

Seeking professional growth, Fatima pursued formal training in makeup artistry, which led to a significant breakthrough when she secured her first bridal makeup order, charging Rs 5000/- and solidifying her reputation in the industry. 

When Fatima expressed her desire to pursue a career in makeup to her family, her mother wasn't supportive. She questioned how Fatima would attract clients and dismissed it as a mere pastime. Even other family members weren't encouraging. However, Fatima's older sister provided the motivation she needed to follow her passion. Today, Fatima is making her place in the industry with her makeup skills.

“There were individuals who used to mock my family, claiming that what I was doing was a waste of time. Yet today, those same people praise me for my work. I have come a long way. I learned from my mistakes and went through challenges yet by never giving up.” - Fatima

Fatima's talent recently soared to new heights as she worked on the cast of Akshay Kumar's movie, "Khel Khel Mein," earning widespread acclaim for her skillful touch in enhancing the on-screen appearances of several actors.

Makeup by Fatima

Fatima's talent extends far beyond bridal makeup. She handles pre-wedding makeup, NRI weddings, and even works on the makeup for web series casts. From brides to grooms and party-goers, Fatima's skills cater to a wide range of clients, showcasing her expertise in the field. 


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