Neglected Parks, Maintenance and Parking Problems Affect Tourist Experience in Udaipur

Neglected Parks, Maintenance and Parking Problems Affect Tourist Experience in Udaipur

Need of proper signages on leading routes and maintenance of several tourists spots in the city...

Udaipur Parks and Maintenance
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Udaipur stands as a prominent tourist destination where every month lakh of tourists visit. However, recent observations reveal that many of its tourist spots are suffering from neglect, lack of maintenance, cleanliness, and inadequate parking facilities. Despite its global recognition, the city’s charm is being overshadowed by these growing concerns.

In a conversation with members of the Udaipur Times, Shikha Saxena, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, said that Udaipur's parks have the potential to attract tourists if they are properly maintained. She emphasized that many parks in Udaipur need structural maintenance and that the fountains in these parks should be functional. In addition, she said that we need to match world class levels.

Parks in Udaipur

Udaipur has several parks frequented by both locals and tourists. These parks serve as peaceful retreats for those seeking rest after visiting hotels, palaces, and heritage sites. Unfortunately, the condition of many parks has deteriorated, affecting their appeal and usability.

Goverdhan Park

Goverdhan Park, located a few kilometers from the Udaipur City, is in dire need of maintenance. The Goverdhan Sagar Lake surrounding the park is heavily polluted with dirt and litter. The area behind the lake is underdeveloped and cluttered with waste, often attracting street dogs. The garden itself is poorly maintained, with cleanliness being a significant issue.

Goverdhan Lake Udaipur

Sanjay Gandhi Park

Situated by Fateh Sagar Lake on Rani Road, Sanjay Gandhi Park is another spot visited by many locals and tourists. Its once-attractive fountain has been non-functional for years. The park's gardens are undeveloped, and many structures within the park are in disrepair. Waste is frequently seen floating on the lake shore adjacent to the park, further detracting from its beauty.

Sanjay Park Udaipur

Nagar Nigam Bal Udhyan (Nehru Garden)

Nehru Garden

Located within the Nagar Nigam premises, this park features an open gym and swings for children. However, it too suffers from poor maintenance. The gardens are unkempt, and many structures are damaged.

Nehru Park Udaipur

The pond at the center of the park is filled with algae and needs cleaning. Recently, the Deputy Mayor imposed a fine on the contractor responsible for the non-functional fountains, declaring that neglect of municipal property would not be tolerated. Despite this, the park still requires significant improvements.

Nehru Park Udaipur

Deendayal Park Dhoodh Talai Garden (Musical Fountain Garden)

This garden, which houses a musical fountain and a ropeway facility, is one of Udaipur's major tourist attractions.

Musical Fountain Park

The park is situated at Dudh Talai area and provides view of Pichola Lake. However, certain fountains in the park are not operational and swings for kids are also not maintained. However, Musical Fountain show starts from 7:30 PM everyday. 

Musical Fountain Park

Saheliyon Ki Bari Garden

The entrance to the garden in Udaipur is a sight to behold. Saheliyon Ki Bari attracts the second highest number of tourists after City Palace. However, despite the welcome fountain being operational, it does not function properly.

Saheliyon Ki Bari

The garden's allure lies in Kamal Talai, where the fountains also suffer from operational issues. The central fountain, Raas Leela, is surrounded by algae and requires cleaning. According to the ticket counter owner, the park has welcomed 30,000-40,000 tourists in June.

Saheliyon Ki Bari Udaipur

Manik Lal Verma Park 

Manik Lal Verma Garden

Before reaching the entrance to Karni Mata, there is a public park called Manik Lal Verma Park situated at its base. This park has two sides with swings for children and is situated at Machla Magra close to Dhoodh Talai. Once bustling with people and children, it used to be a popular stop for those visiting Karni Mata Temple. Some people still come here for picnics, but the lack of proper maintenance is diminishing the park’s beauty. From above the park, visitors can enjoy views of Doodh Talai and relax.  However, now the park is in disrepair, with neglected gardens, a non-functional fountain, and deteriorating chattri. The walking pathways are also poorly structured and maintained. 

Manik Lal Verma Park Udaipur

Manik Lal Verma Udaipur

Udaipur's Parking Facility

Discussing Udaipur’s traffic management, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, Shikha Saxena, highlighted the heavy traffic on the city's roads. She mentioned that while the Udaipur Municipal Corporation has designated traffic parking spots, many people are unaware of their locations.

Udaipur Nagar Nigam Parking

To address this, she emphasized the need for proper signage on the roads to guide tourists. She described three types of signages that are essential for the city:

  1. Aerial Signages: These are crucial for guiding people, who often struggle to find parking or any other designated spots in city areas. Proper aerial signages will help them park their vehicles in the right spots.
  2. Location Signages: The city requires more signages that clearly indicate the names of various places.
  3. Signages with Descriptions: These should include the place’s name along with a short description of the tourist spot or street, providing visitors with helpful information.

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