Raksha Bandhan - the transition in Rakhi designs in Udaipur; Places to Buy Rakhi in Udaipur

Raksha Bandhan - the transition in Rakhi designs in Udaipur; Places to Buy Rakhi in Udaipur

Shops in Delhi Gate, Dhan Mandi, Bohrawadi areas of Udaipur are adorned with colourful Rakhis


Resin Rakhis and Rakhi Hampers - introducing the Rakhipreneurs of Udaipur

Rakhi stands as a cherished festival in India, embodying the unbreakable bond between siblings. This significant occasion is marked by heartfelt promises and the exchange of gifts. As the upcoming Rakhi festival approaches, the streets of Udaipur are alive with bustling preparations. The enthusiasm for this pure and meaningful celebration is palpable, with people already immersing themselves in festive shopping. Stall in the markets are adorned with a delightful array of Rakhis, each holding its own unique charm. From intricate patterns to captivating designs, the diversity in Rakhis reflects the varying tastes and preferences of the celebrants. Regardless of age, Rakhis tailored for both children and adults grace the market stalls, showcasing the inclusivity of this festival.

Delhi Gate Old Mandi Area

Udaipur's Delhi Gate Old Mandi area presents itself as a comprehensive destination for Rakhi festival shopping, encompassing all essentials for the celebration. This locale caters to every facet of Rakhi, from materials for Rakhi prayers to a diverse array of Rakhis and confectioneries. These offerings come in varied shapes and hues, yet the underlying emotions remain consistent. Moreover, the market also features Rakhis inspired by popular cartoons.


Cartoon rakhi

Radhe Shyam Mantri, a stallkeeper at the Delhi Gate Old Mandi area of Udaipur, mentioned that he has been crafting and selling Rakhis for over 50 years. He offers a wide variety of Rakhis, catering to both wholesale and retail customers. His range of rakhis spans from Rs. 5 to Rs. 150. Mantri shared that the Delhi Gate Mandi area has a history of 400-500 years as a market.

Radhe Shyam

delhi gate old mandi market


Another shopkeeper, Ratan Singh Rao, said that people throng this market for their Raksha Bandhan shopping needs. He highlighted that the market is known for its budget-friendly Rakhis and other essentials necessary for prayers and celebrations. 

Ratan Singh Rao

Old Rakhis

Hatim Ali Mavliwala is the proprietor of a shop named "Saifuddin & Sons," and he recounts that his Rakhi business has a long-standing history. In the past, he used to craft Rakhis by hand, but nowadays, pre-made Rakhis are readily available in the market. His shop is located in the Jamalpura area of Udaipur, Rajasthan. He added that the task of crafting Rakhis was often assigned to the women of Bohrwadi, a locality within Udaipur. These women would diligently create a large quantity of Rakhis during this period.

Hatim Ali Mavliwala

Rakhi ritual is partially inspired by the story of Lord Krishna and Draupadi

The roots of Raksha Bandhan, as per legend, is traced back to the tale of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. In this narrative, it is recounted that when Lord Krishna accidentally wounded his finger, Draupadi swiftly tore a portion of her garment (Vastra) and employed it as a bandage to staunch the bleeding. Touched deeply by her compassionate act, Lord Krishna took a solemn oath to safeguard Draupadi from all malevolent forces. Subsequently, when Draupadi faced dishonor at the hands of the Kauravas, who sought to disrobe her in the royal court, Lord Krishna intervened. Through his divine grace, he rendered Draupadi's saree endlessly long, ensuring her dignity remained intact and fulfilling his promise of safeguarding her. This pivotal event underscores the essence of Raksha Bandhan, where sisters bestow prayers upon their brothers' well-being and symbolize their affection, concern, and safeguarding by tying a Rakhi around their brothers' wrists.

Unique Resin Rakhis

Creating Rakhi is undoubtedly an art that has been passed down through generations. Even today, numerous individuals continue to craft handmade Rakhis, preserving a tradition that spans ages. In contemporary times, a new trend has emerged – the crafting of Resin Rakhis. These Rakhis are uniquely customized to align with individual preferences. A shining example of workmanship for these kind of Rakhis is Tasneem Hussain from Udaipur, Rajasthan. As both a homemaker and a creative entrepreneur, she has ventured into the realm of crafting exquisite Resin Rakhis, along with her pursuits in crafting Resin and Mix Media artworks. 

tasneem resin rakhi

How is Resin Rakhi made?

Tasneem explains that the process of crafting resin Rakhis involves pouring resin into molds of varying shapes and sizes. Within this procedure, colors are integrated based on the customer's preferences, followed by the application of multiple resin layers. According to her, each resin layer necessitates a 4-hour settling period, culminating in a total 24-hour completion time. The pricing structure for these Rakhis is contingent on the materials employed, determined by the customer's selections. 

resin rakhis

Customized Hampers

Rakhi Riddhi

Various options in the form of hampers have also become prevalent. In the present day, a multitude of individuals are engaged in crafting and selling hampers, often operating small businesses from the comfort of their homes. Among them is Riddhi Katariya, who embarked on her journey of crafting hampers during her school days. Over time, she has progressed to establish her own enterprise, specializing in the sale of hampers, personalized gifts, and intricately designed cards. Her name is now synonymous with quality and creativity in this domain. For those interested, her captivating assortment of Rakhi hampers can be explored on her Instagram profile giftgalco01


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