Udaipur roads, online frauds and the rules-Part 1

Udaipur roads, online frauds and the rules-Part 1

Read on in parts about Udaipur city's issues.

Udaipur roads, online frauds and the rules-Part 1

Lake City Udaipur is a beautiful place, loved by everyone who visits here and is one of the hottest destinations on the tourist map of India. Now that the city has gone far enough in the direction of wedding destinations, theme parties, pre and post wedding shoots and a lot of other events, merely the mention of Udaipur highlights everything.

But this is about those who know it as a beautiful destination. What about the people who live here? The city of beautiful lakes is a city of bad roads, loads of online frauds and then the law is overstepped. Oh! The law is overstepped by not merely the common public, but by those uniformed people as well. Hasn’t that been a part of news recently?

Roads- pathetic condition…repaired for some minister’s entry, the “मखमल पर टाट का पैबंद” (though the makhmal part probably never existed and will never exist) kind of roads…pot holes everywhere…the bumps you get every few minutes…and then that helmet hurts whether you are with it or without it.  They come running when you don’t have a helmet on and they will drive past on a bike to catch someone else without wearing the helmet themselves. Rules are not meant for them, they are meant for you. You will find lots of vardidharis on the road on the bike without the helmet. The pot holes are meant for the mechanics so that they can earn well, in every season. You want to save yourself, take a tuk-tuk or walk. Walk if you get place as the roadsides are a parking place for the auto rickshaws and the travels bus. Stay home…that is the last and probably the safest option. Maybe that is why work-from-home kind of jobs were created for the masses (hats off to the one who saved many heads) . You complained of a bad mobile network and they dug up the roads for improving the network…the fibre cables and all…don’t complain if the roads have not been repaired post the cable line work. They would be dug up again in case of fault so they are better left un-repaired to save the government’s money. Now that is sensible!! Yeah??

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to be continued…

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