Udaipuris must use Tripoto

Udaipuris must use Tripoto

Capture the culture aspect of Udaipur by using Tripoto


Udaipuris must use Tripoto

Our wonderful city of Udaipur has rightly been accorded high marks as a tourist destination for travelers worldwide.  For those residents of Udaipur who continue to be mesmerized by the wonderful city, it would be good to help travelers understand the depth and breadth of the cultures that converge in our City of Lakes.

It has become clear that travelers use Internet resources to do plenty of research before they travel.  Sites like TripAdvisor offer a plethora of information about destinations, accommodations and food.  But to really understand the “hearts and minds” of travelers you need to hear their narratives and see their travels through their eyes.

You also need to “get into their heads” to see why they picked particular itineraries and made particular trade-offs when traveling.

This “social” aspect of traveling is captured very well by Tripoto, a truly amazing travel site run out of New Delhi.

Udaipuris must help others understand our amazing city by using Tripoto to share!

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