Vedic Astrology | interpretation of planetary position

Vedic Astrology | interpretation of planetary position

Vedic Astrology | interpretation of planetary position
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By Anshuman Chatterjee

We are all excited to know about our fortune, luck etc. It is through the interpretation of planetary position in astrology, we come to know about the sum total of individual personality, his body structure, relationship with family member and outside world, success or failure etc.

Jyotish i.e. Jyoti + Ish is the science of light. In other words, Astrology is the ancient science of predicting the course of human destiny with the help of indications deduced from the positions and movements of heavenly planets. It is, in fact, the science of prediction which calculates the influence of planets on human affairs and aims at foretelling the events on earth by their movements, position and planetary aspect.

All the human activities like birth, education, profession, marriage etc. comes under the purview of Astrology. Most ancient form is astrology termed as Vedanga, palmistry, face reading whereas as numerology and tarot card etc. are of recent origin. Broadly speaking, there are three main branches of Astrology. The first being Natal or individual astrology which aims at analyzing the character of individual and predicting his future on the basis of birth-chart.

The second one is Mundane Astrology which deals with Universal phenomena such as war, natural calamities, earthquakes, floods, famines, all sorts of epidemic and pandemic, political turmoil and natural upheavals. Finally, we come across Horary Astrology i.e., when a person does not have his birth-chart and wants to know about his future at this juncture, Astrologer prepares a horary chart for the moment when the particular question is asked. Astrologer accordingly makes his interpretations and predictions. This is termed as question-based astrology or Prashana Kundali. There are numerous Yogas (planetary combination and their effects) in individual’s horoscope which confer best results in their Mahadasha and Antardasha. On the other hand, there are evil yogas, which can be rectified by few remedies.

The action of the previous births (pre-natal action) karmas are interpreted in birth-chart on the basis of planetary placement in twelve houses and in their major planetary Mahadasha period and Antardasha Sub minor period, these nine planets manifest their effect on human beings.

The author Anshuman Chatterjee is Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist, Face Reader and Vaastu Specialist.

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