Walk March: Combat for Feminism

Walk March: Combat for Feminism

A woman bares her individuality in the manner she revamps or embellishes herself. A woman who covers herself through her modesty gives the world the si


A woman bares her individuality in the manner she revamps or embellishes herself. A woman who covers herself through her modesty gives the world the sign of esteem for her.

But now, women have really gotten fed up and exhausted of living in the world which is full of fear and anxiety of getting abused or molested by men or the fear of getting raped This is especially true for the women in India which ranks among the top most countries in this crime and where eve-teasing is a common phenomenon.

Hence, thousands of women across the world have started a walkout against the freedom for feminism which states that they should be given the freedom to wear whatever they desire and would be accepted in the society without being tagged as “sluts”.

Walk March: Combat for FeminismOn January 24th, 2011, Constable Michael Sanguinetti, who is an officer in the local police force, was attending a safety forum at York University. During the forum, the officer made a controversial statement against women.

At the forum, he mentioned, “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to not be victimized.” This followed a strong protest that eventually spread around the globe against patriarchy and victimization against women.

The protest which started off from Toronto, which happens to be the capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada, Melbourne and Brisbane (Australia), Saskatoon and Montreal in Canada, and has opened out its wings in major continent such as Africa, Asia and Europe.

And now, the time has come for Indian women to participate in this global movement and fight for their rights.

New Delhi, which has been a highlighted area in rape cases and sexual assault crimes against women, is going to be the centre of protest area in India. This rally will be held on 25th June in which the protestors will be propagating the message that women should not be looked as “sex objects” in the society and to give them the freedom to choose their own outfits and clothing.

But will slogans such as “proud sluts”, “we are all chambermaids” , “can’t touch this without consent” , “I am scantily clad; nobody is raping me!” or walking on the streets by wearing skinny outfits or semi nude would really help women gain their respect or reduce the amount of sexual harassment in our country? If this was the case, then the rate of rapist should have deteriorated long back in our society.

However, it is also possible that wearing such skinny outfits has been one of the reasons for these crimes.

An era where women are advancing a step ahead of men and have become well versed in all fields for which she is being respected as well as for her talent and bravery, one major thing that is being noticed is that their outfits. The more women progress in our economical life, the more stylish and accessorised they become. But the style takes the form of wearing micro minis or explosive cloths which itself has become a major reason for attracting men toward women.

Yet, whatever may be the reasons, this protest really helps to prove to be an effective movement in the world to show the progress and modernity of women and we all hope that the day will soon come when a woman would be not treated as a “sex object” but as a respectable creature of our creator in this world.

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