Where is your mask?

Where is your mask? 

Make sure to wear your mask even when you move out to buy veggies from the thela outside your house.
Where is your mask?
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Prevention is better than cure.

Mask, mask...where is the mask? Covid-19 as caused too much of havoc and people are suffering in just every way. It is not just the pandemic but the fear of being taken over by the pandemic is also making people sick. The most recommended safety aid is mask and we must abide by the-rule-of-wearing-mask

A lot of people are negligent to the fact that masks can keep them safe to a great extent. They believe that their daily routine of excercise has made them strong enough to keep the virus away. But this is a big misconception. Even if your immunity is strong, you still need to wear mask. Prevention is better than cure. 

Yes, we must go ahead and stop people if we find them moving out without mask. I am saying this because I see a lot of people without mask and I do stop and request them to wear one for their own safety and for the safety of others. 

There are people who are likely to tell you to mind your own business or give you various explanations about the height at which the virus stays, but you need to deal with these people smartly. 

Masks are a must in the present times. A lot of news has circulated over social media but I stil feel the need to request everyone over and over again to adopt this preventive measure. 

A stitch in time save nine...you can keep yor family safe if you wear your mask when you move out. Force the children to follow what you do. Washing hands regularly will help a lot, but masks are the mandatory part of our attire now.  Also make sure that it covers your nose.  

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