Question Mark | Who will take the Onus of the Third Wave

Question Mark | Who will take the Onus of the Third Wave

It is but obvious that the 3rd wave of Covid is being "invited" by public.
3rd wave

Public is taking over-advantage of the leverages in the lockdown. 

If the 3rd wave hits, which will in this situation, will the public have the right to blame the doctors or the government?

The 3rd wave of covid is inevitable. This can be stated with such firmness as people are inviting this 3rd phase of disaster. If this disastrous wave arrives, which is not really far, who is to be blamed for it?

Public will not have the right to blame the government or administration or the health departments or even the doctors as the invitation was ready and floating the moment the lockdown was relaxed. The situation was flagged some time back by the doctors that if there are relaxations in the guidelines pertaining to covid, the advantages taken by public would pose to be more of a danger. It was urged by the panel of experts that the lockdown must continue as is to save the country from another perilous phase.  

Even after repeated alerts, many of the fully vaccinated people have become over confident of the fact that they will not be at risk of death. This thought process is dangerous for the lives of others, especially the children and the aged. Children under 18 cannot be vaccinated immediately as trials are still being conducted on under-18 kids. The aged are still vulnerable as the body weakens after a particular age.

With the relaxation in guidelines, people are rushing out on the roads as if there is no tomorrow. The past is past, with no lessons learnt. People are gathering at public places, with the masks hanging under the chin, social distancing has gone for a toss once again. All this is proving to be a proper invitation ground for the virus which is likely to cause more trouble for the children and those who have recently recovered from the infection.

If the 3rd wave arrives, which now we know it will, will the public have the right to blame anyone else for it or themselves? Will the public take the onus of the arrival of 3rd wave and agree and also understand that they created the ground for the virus to multiply in all the unknown and incurable forms?

Do not blame anyone for your faults as alerts have been issued in advance and if anything happens, the onus would be on YOU.

When are we going to learn? History books are not meant to be merely studied, they are meant as a base for understanding the pros and cons…but our dear public is not a student of the humanities stream. The public believes in hit and trial, to err is human, see it to believe it, and also our dear public loves experiments as in fashion, food and fun and frolic.

We need to be alert. We must understand that if we stay indoors and move out only when extremely urgent, we can prevent the 3rd wave. People, please!! Stay at home as much as you can, follow social distancing, wear your masks, and do not be over confident (many have lost because they believed that they have the best of immunity).

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