Why Do We Need God?

Why Do We Need God?

Yes, you read the title right – “Why do we need God?” I don’t want to sound ‘materialistic’ about God, but I want to question our sense, who constantly keeps searching fo


Why Do We Need God?

Yes, you read the title right – “Why do we need God?” I don’t want to sound ‘materialistic’ about God, but I want to question our sense, which constantly keeps searching for God around the corner at the moment-of-need.

Science has made many discoveries, even those think-tanks proved that it’s all about Big Bang/Darwin Theory which led to the formation of universe and all life forms – what they call as ‘Evolution’. But no Science can stop a child from praying in exam-time to seek success or can stop a mom, who constantly prays for the well-being of her son who lives abroad.

So, here I may seem to favor the existence of God – but No, am not. Ask a couple who is trying every possible way to have a child, but not succeeding; Ask a student who failed twice after fighting in CAT or ask a mother who lost a young son; as they will deny any such entity’s existence.

What proves here is, for us – God is a concept. God is some entity who can be seen in the moments of fear, need and confusion but diminishes in the moment of joy, loss and anger. God, for us is a body who should always grant us with all the goodies with the bad-nuts being delivered to someone else.

Moreover, we should always be happy – else, there is no God. People also question one’s religion, counter them on logical as well as illogical aspects to prove their own superiority. “Religion is just a path to reach God,” as they say, and that explains all. You follow a religion, a set pattern of ways to meet the ONE. And to meet the one, logically means to follow what was told in the religion.

Then why someone sets the pattern for us to walk-on and follow. Why we are fed with those basic instincts of our religion. It is maybe because our ancestors did the same and found that useful.

One of my friend said – “Yes, there is a God”

I asked – “Have you seen him?”

He was all confused and replied – “Dude, I worship him, No matter I have seen him or not.”

Well, that was the end of discussion I was looking for. Yes, I agree there may exist a creator of the Universe, and I intentionally used ‘may’. I believe in God, and for me it’s an impression which provides me strength in my moment of downs and provides me with all those goodies, which I enjoy with Joy. He may not be there in my moment of sadness, but he is the one who is always available when I look for one.

We as humans need to stop blaming that ONE for all our downs and also should stop countering the individuals who believe in God as you never know who created you? You can’t just be a creation of ‘evolution’ – you just can’t be that lucky!

The atheists and geeks may counter with their bunch of theorems on this one (which I totally respect!) but there is no certain way they too have found to deny the presence of one governing entity.

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