3 Financial Lessons You Can Learn from the Justice League

3 Financial Lessons You Can Learn from the Justice League

In real life, too, it is possible to achieve great things and overcome contingencies by carefully planning both physical and financial aspects of life.

3 Financial Lessons You Can Learn from the Justice League

Zack Snyder’s superhero-film adaptation of the Justice League was a movie of epic proportions. Not only did it bring together the DC’s Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman to fight a superhuman threat, it also introduced us to the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman – some of the most beloved yet misunderstood superheroes in the DCU.

While the movie may not have been well received by audiences due to its darker undertones and jarring narrative, it doesn’t take away from the fact that die-hard fans of the comics were tremendously excited watching the impressive beatdown of the demigods and metahumans from the DC lore on the silver screen.

In comics, the Justice League is a symbol of hope, showing us that no matter how powerful you are, your abilities are best utilized when you team up with like-minded people.

Which stands true in case of wealth planning as well. Just like the Justice League saves the day by being united, it is only when your investment portfolio has a balanced combination of financial instruments that you can accomplish your life goals.

Inspired by the heroics of the Justice League, here’s are some of the important lessons the movie teaches us about life and personal finance and insurance planning. Take a look.

  1. Always Have A Plan

In the comics as well as in movies, we have seen how Batman is portrayed as a shrewd strategist and a masterful planner. Even though he’s not as fast as the Flash or near indestructible as Superman, Batman always relies on his planning skills to get things done.

In the Justice League movie, he can be seen rallying to unite the other superheroes to fight Steppenwolf and has a battleplan ready well in advance.

In real life, too, it is possible to achieve great things and overcome contingencies by carefully planning both physical and financial aspects of life. For example, you can accumulate a significant amount of money to fund your child’s higher education, if you start investing a small amount in an investment plan every month since his or her birth.

Similarly, with an online term plan, you can secure your family’s financial future by planning for the financial contingency that would arise from your death.

Online term plans from reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance help you provision a large sum of money (or sum assured) for your family by paying a nominal premium amount. While there are no maturity benefits from the policy, your family would receive the entire sum assured in case of your sudden demise.

Thus, having a plan ready to tackle contingencies goes a long way in protecting those who are close to you, be it in life or death.

  1. Be Strong Even in Adversity

For Justice League, each day at work is about defeating powerful supervillains and restoring balance to the universe. When facing a strong adversary, the team always brings its A-game to eliminate the threat.

If we talk about real life situations, things can easily take a turn for the worst – you may end up in a severe accident, or your investments may take a hit due to market volatilities.

What’s important here is not to lose focus and buckle under the pressure. For example, if dwindling market conditions easily devalue your investments, you should look to mitigate the risk by diversifying your investment portfolio through the inclusion of both equity and debt instruments.

This way, you’d comfortably ride out the adverse market conditions while making sure that your investments get ample opportunity to grow.

  1. Greater Risk Carries Greater Reward

In the Justice League movie, we see how Batman manages to get the reluctant Aquaman, elusive cyborg and over-enthusiastic Flash onboard to fight alongside the Trinity. Uniting superheroes of such varied dispositions and skillsets was always going to be a riskier proposition.

In the end; however, the team overcomes their differences to defeat Steppenwolf and protect humanity from possible extinction. In real life, too, when you leave your comfort zone and embrace greater risk, you allow yourself a chance to reap greater rewards.

Take short-term investments, for example. When you go for the best short-term investment in India, you put your money into equities, which have a higher exposure to market volatility than debt instruments.

However, equity investments also offer much higher returns than other financial instruments. In other words, equities may prove to be your best bet in securing maximal capital gains from your investments, despite the risk involved.

One for All, All for One!

More than being a comic-book adaptation, the Justice League movie gave us what we probably had been dreaming since our childhood days – watching the beloved DC characters on screen for real.

Not only did we witness these mighty superheroes battle the formidable Parademons forces, but also fight with their flaws as they came closer to overcome a common enemy.

The movie may have failed to deliver in terms of box-office collections, but it did prove successful in making these superheroes seem more human and likable.

Most importantly, the Justice League movie inspired us to be more self-aware of our vulnerabilities and be prepared for life’s uncertainties. It taught us to put the needs of our family before our own and protect them at all times financially with term insurance.

With online term insurance plans; therefore, you can easily make sure that in your absence, your family doesn’t have to depend on anyone else to fulfil their dreams. This way, you can become the superhero for your loved ones in your wake.

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