5 Best Crypto Trading Apps in 2020

5 Best Crypto Trading Apps in 2020

Using a flexible and easy to use trading app, trading enthusiasts can enjoy greater flexibility with good returns on trade
5 Best Crypto Trading Apps in 2020

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and is subject to unpredictable swings. Even a minute error in such instances may lead to huge losses. Therefore, for a crypto trader having the best cryptocurrency trading app that provides 24/7 monitoring with ease of trading is essential than ever before. Using a trading app, trading buffs can enjoy greater flexibility with good returns on trade. 

To further help you decide which trading app suits your requirements given below is the list of top five trading apps in 2020. 

#1. CoinSwitch Kuber

This is a relatively new yet popular app for Crypto Trading in India. The platform offers users a relatively simple way to get involved in trading. It has instant deposit and withdrawal options for digital currencies. 

Prominent features of CoinSwitch Kuber trading app include: 

  • Supports buy and sell of 100 currencies. 
  • By pooling in liquidity from other exchanges provides users access to the best rates. 
  • Supports instant deposit and withdrawal. 

#2. Binance Crypto Trading App

This is a Malta-based unified cryptocurrency exchange platform with over 50% of its market share in Bitcoin. This trading application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The Binance Crypto Trading App is a feature-rich application that provides you access to live crypto charting and trading tools. 

Some of the features of Binance Crypto Trading App include: 

  • Multiple crypto wallet options for different cryptocurrencies. 
  • Supports trading in Bitcoin, Stablecoins, and a range of Alt-coins. 
  • Provides global accessibility. 

#3. Coinbase Crypto Trading App

Coinbase is one of the trusted crypto trading platforms with around 30 million-plus users. The Coinbase application integrates robust security packages that ensure protection to 98% of digital assets in offline wallets and remaining through servers. The Coinbase app is favorite among newbies because it facilitates the purchase of cryptocurrencies using credit/debit cards. 

Some of the prominent features of Coinbase trading app are:

  • Integrates a user-friendly dashboard that exhibits real-time price and value of your assets. 
  • Has smart tools to assist you to build your portfolio. 
  • Provides instant purchase option for all major cryptocurrencies. 
  • Supports purchases from as little as £15

#4. CEX.io Crypto Trading App

This is one of the oldest crypto trading apps in operation. It is compatible with all devices and offers an array of services to enrich users’ trading experience. The CEX.io enjoys good reputability among traders for its friendly interface and instant deposit and withdrawal facility through the card. 

  • Supports all major cryptocurrency trading for fiat money including USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB.
  • Offers the latest Bitcoin price data of various top exchanges to assist in arbitrage trading.
  • Provides real-time access to market data.

#5. Gate.io Crypto Trading App

This is a US-based crypto trading platform. Due to its simplified and secure interface, the application has become widely popular among traders. The app is good for both the experienced and new traders.

Features of Gate.io trading app:

  • Has advanced trading functions. 
  • Supports spot trading, margin trading, and perpetual contract.
  • Provides price alerts, market behavior, and on-chain activity alert. 

So, which app you found the best? Choose the right trading app and explore profitable trade opportunities.

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