Wish To Change Your Bedroom Design? Here's How To Get Started

Wish To Change Your Bedroom Design? Here's How To Get Started

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None of the rooms in a house are more personal than the bedroom. It's where many of us go to find peace and tranquillity, to fully rest and relax, and to prepare for the day ahead. After all, your bedroom design should be an extension of your own style. While you may have already picked the right paint colour for the walls and the softest sheets for the bed, consider if your bedroom design meets the necessities of your lifestyle. After taking inventory, you may decide it's time for a bedroom design makeover.

In 2022, bedroom design trends will shift toward a more relaxed, although still opulent, style. Less is more, with artisanal-made items and organic linens taking precedence over over-the-top furniture and too trendy designs. 

We asked the country's top designer to reveal master bedroom designs that will reign supreme in the second half of the year. Discover what surprising colours you should consider putting into your bedroom colour scheme and why you should seek design inspiration.

Casual Luxury

In recent years, many have designed their bedroom designs to be relaxing retreats. Instead of emphasising more furniture, we're observing a shift toward a more casual luxury look with less decorations, but nicer materials.

People are introducing more vintage brown furniture into their bedrooms to make them feel larger while also creating a feeling of antiquity. Custom elements, such as upholstered headboards, are especially popular since they make the space feel trendy and one-of-a-kind.

Earthy Palette

It's time to say goodbye to neutral and white bedroom designs and hello to the gloomy hue! More saturated and darker palettes have begun to make their way into bedrooms, where they provide depth and express calming aspects.

The sombre colour palettes are a great addition to a bedroom environment since they are still peaceful while providing a little oomph to the design and appearance.

Natural materials and textiles assist to ground and moderate the rich hues from becoming dismal, while chocolate brown, calming blues, and even luscious cranberries create a peaceful refuge.

Artsy Ceilings

Clients are increasingly requesting designers to search for methods to dress up the fifth walls, or ceilings, of their homes, especially the bedroom. While some may choose to wrap the ceiling in a crowded pattern, Massey argues that accentuating elements, such as painting the beams a strong colour or creating a coffered effect, is more important. It's all about providing an unexpected layer of interest without overpowering the space.


When it comes to bed dressing, less is more these days. Throw pillows were popular in the past, but designers are now seeing a trend toward utilising more natural bed linens and toying with size.

Designers are taking a step back and focusing on how the bed is really arranged. They accomplish this by varying the size of a duvet, adding a bed skirt for aesthetic appeal, layering a textured blanket for contrast, or utilising an unusual shaped cushion, such as a bolster pillow, for that extra oomph.

Smarter Tech

Smart technology integration throughout the home is a dominant trend in the interior design business. Although clients have requested that motorised shades, rising TVs, and digital art frames fit in more smoothly with the room's decor. Furthermore, consumers are requesting coffee and champagne bar sections within their bedrooms to provide the ideal retreat-like experience.

Perhaps it's a nightcap or a convenient location to replenish a glass of wine rather of travelling all the way back to the kitchen, or it might be your late-night ice cream stockpile. Even better, it may be where you begin your day with a cup of coffee in bed. The space is similar to your favourite hotel room's mini bar.

A Chic Corner for the Kids

Children, like adults, want a place that they can cherish and call their own. Rather of conforming to stereotypes, today's children's rooms highlight the finest of design by mixing creativity and functionality. The rooms are lively enough that the child will want to spend time in them, yet stylish enough that they will not grow out of them too quickly.

Children enjoy entertaining in their rooms just as much as adults, and it's always so wonderful when they want to show off their chambers to me.

Dress Your Windows

Window treatments are sometimes overlooked in bedroom décor; they are an afterthought, simply something we need to draw over our windows while we sleep. However, what you choose to decorate your windows with is both a design and a functional decision. You obviously want them to block out light, but you also want them to look nice.

We would always recommend curtains in a bedroom. You can always put a blind beneath to block off additional light, but the softness of curtains makes them ideal for the bedroom. Choose a flowy, gauzy fabric for a more casual look, or a heavier fabric like velvet for a more luxurious look.

A bedroom is your safe space. A space where you can truly be yourself. This is why it’s important to let it reflect your personality and taste. A well-designed bedroom will provide you with the perfect refuge to rejuvenate and refresh.

But while these tips are enough to get you started on your bedroom redecoration journey, you would need to get an expert’s help to give your bedroom a full-blown makeover. Professional interior design firms like Livspace can help you by providing you with just the right kind of help to give your room the look of your dreams.

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