Reveals Tips on How to Get Rid of Monsoon Pests Reveals Tips on How to Get Rid of Monsoon Pests

The monsoon is here and so are the pests. Yes, the monsoon season brings pests along with it. Continue reading the blog for the monsoon pest control ideas is sharing with you all.

Residential Pest Control – Precautions, Side Effects, Advice, and Solution

All four seasons have their magical beauties. And monsoon is everyone’s favorite due to the serenity it brings. But, everything has its own merits and demerits. The monsoon season brings certain challenges for citizens along with it. This is not only the season of rain but also for pests. Yes, these wettest months of the year bring a lot of pests to your home.

No homeowners want to see pests around them, especially in the rainy season when everything seems so wet and messy. During monsoon, water seeps from the exterior of the homes and causes internal wall dampness. As a result, mold & mildew will grow. These are very dangerous to your health and cause severe health injuries including breathing problems. Also, it can weaken your immune system. Hence, pest control in the monsoon season becomes imperative. has brought the best monsoon pest control ideas for you all. Read the blog to know how can get rid of monsoon pests.

Monsoon Pest Control Tips

Clear out stagnant water

Not only mosquitoes but, other winter pests get attracted to water too. The rainy season is the time when you don’t have to water your plants. And this is why we often overlook the sanitation our gardens and surroundings require too. Your dog’s and bird's dishes might be getting filled with water. The pool you have in your backyard, stagnant water indoors as well as in the surroundings attract pests.

Make sure there’s nothing that is storing the rainwater. And if there’s anything then clear it before the water will attract pests.

Clean your house

The monsoon season causes dampness in internal walls. and this dampness causes many pest problems like mold and mildew and termites. Even cockroaches also like dampness. They breed in the places where moisture is present this is the reason why cockroaches are always found under the sink in the kitchen and washbasins in bathrooms.

However, to keep the pests like termites, roaches, and mildew away from your home, thoroughly clean your home. All the hard-to-reach places like underneath the beds and tables should be cleaned well once every month. And not only the living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, but also you will have to thourough clean drains, pipes, floors, ceilings, and cabinets.

Keep your bathroom clean and dry

Monsoon pests are more attracted to your bathroom due to the dampness it holds. One of the most common pests you can see in your bathroom during the season is the earthworm. They emerge from nowhere in your washroom. Though they are not dangerous, they shouldn’t be allowed to enter your home. They look creepy and make it a terrifying situation for the one using the washroom. So, try to keep your washroom as clean and dry as possible. 

Keep wooden items dry

We all know termites eat wood. And dampwood termites like moist woods. In fact, they have got their name from damp only. They like to feed on damp woods. And termites are the stubborn pests that don’t get removed easily. To avoid them, you will have to check for your wooden items if they are getting wet during the rainy season. The moisture present in the atmosphere dampens the woods. So, you will have to keep a check on the wooden items.

You can apply termiticides and other chemicals to the wooden items to keep termites away. And if you have already started noticing termites activities then call the expert pest control company immediately.

Cover your windows with nets

Mosquitoes and other bugs get common in the monsoon season. You will see them flying and crawling in and around your homes. They could be mostly in the window frames and sills. Window net is a very good option to prevent the entry of monsoon pests. You can find it in any hardware shop. Just tell the size of your window and they will cit and fit the net on your window with a velcro. This way no mosquitoes, lizards, moths, and other flying insects would enter your home.

Use camphor

One of the best methods to get rid of monsoon pests commonly mosquitoes is to use camphor. Either light camphor to let the smoke help you get rid of mosquitoes and other insects. Also, you can place them in different places in one room. Close all the windows and doors of the room and let the magic happen. The aroma of camphor would repel mosquitoes. And this is the reason why camphor is called the natural repellent of mosquitoes.

These were the best monsoon pest control tips for all those who want to do it themselves. Otherwise, the best option to get rid of monsoon pests is to call professional exterminators. The pest control agencies have experience and knowledge along with some repellents that kill and remove pests from your house.

ealing with the most common monsoon pests like termites, ants, mosquitoes, rodents, roaches, earthworms, and bedbugs is not an easy task. You will need the assistance of professionals. Hence, hire reliable pest control services in your city and keep your environment pest-free during the monsoon season.

In conclusion

Prevention is always better than cure and we all are very well aware of this fact. Don’t let the pests invade your home in the monsoon. Get pest control done in your house with the help of professionals. And have a pest-free environment in and around your home to enjoy the rainy season to the fullest.

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