Here's Why you Need to Buy an Inverter if you Haven't Already

Here's Why you Need to Buy an Inverter if you Haven't Already


The power situation in India is still to improve to levels where there are next to no outages, even when we do reach that stage; outages will keep happening due to factors beyond one’s control. Therefore, an inverter is one of the most important pieces of hardware you can add to your home or office. The simple reason being that it helps you stay comfortable during the long hot summers, and on cold wintery nights, both of which requires proper cooling and heating respectively.

However, that’s not the only reasons for getting an inverter for your home, there are countless other reasons why you should buy one if you don’t have one yet. In this article, we will look at a few of the top reasons why an inverter is a must-buy appliance in today’s day and age!

Run All of your Appliances During a Power Cut

Today’s inverters are more than capable of running all of your home appliances. So, be it air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, geysers, pumps, etc. you can keep running them even when the power has been out for hours. This is because modern inverter technology has advanced enough to have exceptional power delivery, and load handling capabilities. So, if you are someone who likes staying cool during a hot summer day when the demand for power is at its peak and power cuts become frequent; an inverter is what you need to keep those air conditioners running.

Safer to Run Your Expensive Appliances

Modern pure sine wave inverters are designed to operate at the same frequency as your normal power supply. Moreover, they are designed to seamlessly activate during a power cut with no delays whatsoever and take care of any power surges to protect sensitive appliances and equipment from potential damage. This may or may not be true in case you use a generator for backup. Therefore, getting an inverter makes more sense because not only does it allow you to run all of your appliances at once, it also protects them thanks to its in-built safety features such as surge protection, and protection against short-circuits, overcharging, overloading, etc.

A Better Alternative to Generators

Some may argue that generators are comparatively better, but that’s not true. On the contrary, generators are diesel guzzlers, that make a lot of noise, and release harmful gases, the result-noise and air pollution. If you are someone who values the environment and doesn’t like to disturb by the constant loud buzzing of generator motors, then getting an inverter makes a lot more sense. For the same amount of power delivery, you will be making a lot of savings, and doing the environment much good by cutting down on the harmful release of gases into the atmosphere.

Staying Connected

Ever since the pandemic, many companies have moved to either a complete work from home, or a hybrid option. If your organization has embraced the new normal as well, then you need to get an inverter as that will help you stay connected to your colleagues. Since most of your meetings, work, and communication would be happening online, it’s important that you don’t miss out important updates, announcements, etc. and stay productive all day long, even when some of your other coworkers might be cut off due to a lack of power.

Now that you know a few of the top reasons why people are getting an inverter for their homes, you should too. Luminous has a range of options across budget and power requirements, so whatever may be your power requirement, you can always find one that best meets your requirement. So, check them out, and say no to your power woes forever!

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