Distance MBA vs Online MBA: What should you opt for?

 Distance MBA vs Online MBA: What should you opt for?

Online MBA vs Distance Learning MBA Manipal, How to choose the best online MBA

Master of Business Administration or MBA helps students realize their dreams. It is helping students catalyze growth in the industry. MBA is about learning and gaining in-depth knowledge in different fields like business, human resources, finance, tourism, international relations, etc. MBA allows students to help gain multiple different skill sets that set them apart. An MBA is important if you enter the corporate, commercial, and entrepreneurial work circuit. You can pursue an MBA in an online mode or though distance learning. Let's find out the difference and requirements and know which to opt for.

What is a distance learning MBA and how is it different from Online MBA? 

Distance learning MBA programs come with a lot of benefits. As the name suggests, the program can be completed from anywhere. The program allows you the flexibility to work on your resume and learn simultaneously. The difference between a distance learning MBA and an online MBA is that for distance learning, you need to appear at your college for at least one or two days a week. On the other days, you can study by yourself. The completion of the course duration can vary depending on the institute to institutes. As a student, you only need to dedicate a few hours a day to complete the course and go through the course material.

On the other hand, an online MBA learning course revolves around the online platform on which the classes are conducted. You are not bound to visit the college campus during your course tenure. The students are given the same material they are provided in a traditional or distance learning MBA. The assignments, as well as the examinations, are conducted online.

Distance learning MBA helps boost your career from the comfort of your home. The course material is available in live and recorded format, which students like you can avail of at your schedule. Learning has become convenient, and the most reputed faculty are now available to help you gain knowledge and education. Distance learning MBA course structure is very similar to traditional MBA course structure. The course is divided into four semesters, requiring a 24-month dedication.

What are the requirements for pursuing a distance or online MBA?

Distance learning MBA degree and online MBA degree adds up to better career opportunities as well as pay opportunities in multiple fields. Top organizations openly accept people who have a degree. This leads to a better pay grade and a better lifestyle. Before getting to know the multiple aspects of an MBA, you need to have the following:

  1. 10 + 2 + 3 passing certificate from a recognized institute
  2. Candidate must clear entrance exams like CAT/MAT/GMAT, or you can enroll directly 

You need to understand why you wish to pursue MBA. It would be best if you had a clear identification of your career goal so that you can choose your subject to be a major. MBA can help you switch career paths. Depending on the time in your hand, you can pick from a traditional MBA program, a distance learning MBA program or an online MBA program. 

What does a distance learning MBA program look like? 

The entire course structure of distance learning MBA is divided into four semesters. Each semester has varying levels of difficulty in different courses. The course structure enables students to learn managerial, analytical, decision-making, time management, team, and leadership skills, to name a few. Read on to understand what your four semesters at a distance learning MBA course will look like:

  1. First semester: The first semester of the course is dedicated to learning foundational managerial skills. The subjects range from organizational behavior, two statistics, two economics for managerial levels and human resources management.
  2. Second semester: The second-semester course structure depends more on the analytical and decision-making side. The students are immersed in a new learning process about financial management. You will get a tool from a bird's eye view of the research analysis simulation. This allows you to become sensitive towards the volatility of the market. When you learn about decision-making skills, you need to be very quick and decisive, with the precision of thought.
  3. Third semester: The 3rd semester of the course equips you to dive deep into the metric methodologies of research, both qualitative and quantitative. You will be able to choose a specialization in which you wish to establish your career. You also get to explore the legal aspects of corporate and business. This is the semester where you work on a mini project with your peers. Mini projects are an excellent way of networking as well as industry interaction along with practical learning. They are designed for real-time industry situations which require immediate solutions.
  4. Fourth semester: The 4th semester of the course is all about strategic management policies related to entrepreneurial business skills and business management, both national and international. You also get an opportunity for internships which helps you engage and create a network which can help you later in your career.

Which one to opt for? 

Both learning modes have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are searching for a course that can allow you to study from home entirely, both courses are the best options. The key difference is the teaching technique, as there are fewer facilities offered in the distance learning program. In the distance, you will have to appear once or twice every week, whereas, with an online MBA, you can pursue it at your pace and availability, making an online MBA more advantageous. Both courses are equally valued and accepted.

If you are applying for an online MBA and equip yourself with all the relevant skills required to elevate your designation and increase your pay; enroll for the online MBA offered by the Manipal University Jaipur via Online Manipal. The online platform allows you to study from any part of the country and complete the course at your own pace. MUJ's course curriculum includes mini-projects and capstone projects which will enhance your resume. Upon course completion, you will also get placement support from Online Manipal. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the course today!

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