A new revolution in Internet of Things – IoTA

A new revolution in Internet of Things – IoTA

Internet of Things in Architecture set to be a new revolution in the world of Internet


A new revolution in Internet of Things – IoTA

Internet will re-define Architecture

Even the slightest mistake or chaos at a project site will be informed directly to the architect of the project – this innovative thought process is the brain child of the Designer Forum, who developed this IT enabled process using IoT and naming it Internet of Things in Architecture.  This institution is probably the first such to have developed this concept.

Internet is being used in a wide variety of areas across all domains, but Designers Forum is probably the first to use it real time in the field of Architecture, as it was disclosed in a workshop that took place on 24th Sept in Hotel Ambience, Udaipur, in which 80 architects of the city took part.

A new revolution in Internet of Things – IoTA

Architect Upendra Tated, President of Designers Forum informed that using fast developing technological developments will be put to use in the field of Architecture, making it the first such use in the near future.  He further said, that before any technology company enforce the use of technology in architecture, the Forum has been proactive in understanding the need of the hour and is developing such a tool using the services of a technology company, and having the IoTA tool developed and customized according to its needs.

A new revolution in Internet of Things – IoTA

Tated added that the Forum imbibes such innovative thinking among its members, that no task is undo-able, just that the doer needs to have the spirit to make it happen.  He also said that inclusion of technology and the internet in their work pattern will deliver amazing results to their clients – both big and small.  When a building can be made to rotate, then it can also be made to bend.  A buildings IoTA will have the ability to assess danger and mould itself accordingly.  It is easier to implement such a pattern using IoT in architecture.

Architect Sunil Laddha, in his address at the workshop said that IoTA is a philosophy, one that Designers Forum has taken the initiative to implement for the first time, not just in India, but globally.  He added the Internet has become an inseparable friend of human beings and the smart phone has further coagulated this relationship.

A new revolution in Internet of Things – IoTAiota archite

Architects Dilip Khandelwal and Anjali Azaad Dubey said that this has become possible only because internet has reached each household through smartphones.  The hitherto untouched domain of architecture and interior designing is also not far from being affected by the Internet.  It has now become a necessity for them.  Now is the time that the use of internet be taken to the right direction so that rather than becoming a slave of the internet, IoTA becomes a handy tool for the purpose.  A tool, which not only increases the efficiency of those working in this domain but also allows excellence in delivering performance.

Architects from across the city who participated in the workshop, pledged to incorporate the concept of IoTA.  They put across their plans for the future by giving presentation on 10 new innovative technological models, during the workshop.

The Internet of Things in Architecture begins…

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